1. firecracker69

    RS5 B9 vs B9.5

    Having owned the 2019 B9 RS5 I loved how the throttle response was…. so…… well erm, responsive! In my RSQ3 this was the complete opposite, not just a bit but a couple of seconds before the car realised you wanted to floor it and was somewhat annoying. Yes you could drive around this but not...
  2. Steve M...

    H&R Lowering Springs Fitting

    Hi, Can anyone help with a recommendation as to where I can have some H&R Lowering Springs which I’ve purchased online fitted in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire and how much I should expect to pay for all the four corners…. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!! Steve.
  3. raymxn

    A5 B9.5 puddle lights

    Just in case anyone is wondering, you can still fit the audi OOOO puddle lights onto the new facelift (atleast on the A5) cars. Was an absolute pain to take the lights out (even managed to slightly crack the plastic case but eventually, and after a lot of force I was able to get them out. Think...
  4. HMG1K

    MMI screen - 2 pages or 3 pages to swipe on?

    The MMI on my 2020MY A5 Sportback S-Line (B9.5) has two pages that can be swiped on, both filled with boxes to tap on to access further functions. However, the MMI on my 2021MY A4 Avant S-Line (also a B9.5) has three pages to swipe on. The additional page at the start is rather nice - it is...