b8 avant

  1. Quattro_formaggio

    Help Please Water under driver's side carpet, need to remove dash panel!

    Hi all, Apologies if there is already a post on this but everything I find relates to the common issue with the sunroof. Car is an '09 A4 (B8) Avant S-line 2.0 tfsi quattro with NO sunroof. I've got what is now a slow water leak into the cabin. On a squelchy rear footwell being reported by our...
  2. K

    Rear wheel bearings

    Hi, this is probably the wrong place to post but I wonder if anyone could try and help me with finding the correct rear wheel bearings for my 2009 a4 b8 avant sline quattro. There seems to be a lot of different options for the bearings and I'm getting confused as to which one is the correct...
  3. AudiG12KPM

    Slipping Clutch

    I have an 2010 Audi A4 B8 2.0tdi Avant Sline Special Edition i had it mapped Stage 1 clutch started to slip at 2k rpm had a replacement Sachs clutch & DMF kit and new release bearing.. picked it up today and still slipping at 2k rpm garage is useless and not interested. Has anyone got...
  4. GjrBartlett

    For Sale Audi B8 - Transmission Mount

    Bought this a while back for my B8 A4 Avant a while back, but never fitted it. Planning on swapping the Avant for something newer later this year. Open to offers, otherwise it just gathers dust in the garage. Thanks, Gareth.
  5. Nitro_CR

    Wanted B8 A4 Avant/A5 Sportback 2.0TFSI Quattro

    Hi all, I hope everyone is staying safe & well. I'm looking for a B8 A4 Avant or A5 Sportback with the 2.0TFSI engine + Quattro. I would potentially consider an A4 Saloon or A5 Coupe as well. Only really interested in S-Line or Black Edition & must have had the oil consumption/engine problem...
  6. J

    c7 - b8 avant 3.0 quattro??

    hello, I am obviously very new here i have been reading some articles but i haven't really found out what i am looking for, i was just looking for some advice over the c7 is a 3.0 quattro s tronic or the b8 is a 3.0 quattro manual, ive viewed the c7 yesterday and im on my way to view the b8 but...
  7. W

    Audi A4 Avant Engine Advice needed

    I am new here - I currently own an Aud A2 and its been an amazing little car for me over the years. But I think I am going to be applying for an internal job soon, and have always been a fan of the A4 Avant, and I could do with a bigger car going forward and with this new job i'll be getting a...
  8. jwinslow

    Wanted Audi A4 Avant B7 B8

    Looking for a vgc B7 Avant Special Edition (‘07) with low mileage and FSH. Must be TFSI. Would also consider the right S-Line TFSI B8. Ideally located South of England. Let me know what you’ve got! Jason