1. Jonfun

    Water ingress - B9 Avant Tailgate.

    Water ingress - B9 Avant Tailgate. Hi All - really hoping at least 1 person has experienced this also with their B9 Avant and can offer some insight. Had my B9 Avant for around 5 years now, in the last 6 months it has developed an issue after heavy rain whereby the tailgate (Not boot interior)...
  2. MPH

    AUDI A4 AVANT 1995-2000 TECHNICAL INFORMATION 2023-12-20

  3. L

    Avant rear halogen lights to pfl led

    Does Anyone know the wiring for halogen 4 wire plug to pfl led 5 wire plug? & the 4 wires for the inner light. Could get them to work all except the fogs
  4. MarijZ

    A4 2002 1.9 TDI help

    So just straight to the point here are all the questions im currently wondering about my car… are the avf engines louder and more tractor like than lets say the 2.0 brd engines, 1.9 atd and other 1.9 engines found in golf mk4 the 101hp versions i think i finnaly resolved the vibrations inside...
  5. MarijZ

    Audi a4 b6 doesnt absorb bumbs too well

    So i have an audi a4 b6 avant 1.9 tdi avf… i replaced shocks, springs, upper arms and everything has been checked and supposedly okay. When i go trough road inperfections it sounds a little loud i think… i dont know it its normal or not… i fitted eibach springs… any suggestions?
  6. MarijZ

    Aero wipers not wiping in the middle

    Just retrofitted aero wipers on my audi a4 b6 with genuine audi blades… the driver side arm is not sitting flush and misses the middle od the windscreen and i cant see anything… this is the second arm i put on and its the same… please anyone help
  7. craigt1985

    Wanted 1.8T Quattro Avant B5/B6/B7/C5

    After an A4 or A6 Quattro Avant - manual to drop my forged 1.8t 20v engine into, after a clean example; but will pay good money and travel for the right car. Show me what you've got!
  8. 2.0 8v

    Would you rather.....

    Here's one for you all to have a look at. These are three, real-world options available to me at the minute. All have the same odometer reading, all have very similar specs, all are very close on price. Here's the twist .... the DTM is a '07 DTM limited, JDM, one of 150 sold in Japan. It's...
  9. Y11DKB

    Hello from Kent!

    Afternoon all, I had an account briefly before (to browse articles for advice when buying my Avant) but figured it would probably pay to have a more permanent account now. I've done a fair bit of work to the car over the last year, and can probably offer some help/advice/pointers to other folk...
  10. Jonfun

    Cambelt and Water Pump Opinions (TDI 190 16 plate)

    Hi All Just wanted to pick your brains really and gauge the opinion .. My A4 Avant TDI 190 (16 plate) stepped over the 5 year old mark yesterday and as such all of the local dealerships started rubbing their mitts together and leaving me voicemails about Cambelt/Waterpump replacements. The...
  11. W

    A/C ON & ECO not selectable when engine is on?

    Hello! I have a A4 B9 (2016) and noticed today whilst driving that my AC was stuck in the off position. When I try to click it upwards to ECO or ON they just appear faintly but it doesn’t change. Weirdly this only happens when the engine is on, if I just have the ignition on they are both...
  12. Tom W

    A6 Avant 45 TFSI feedback request

    Hi, new to the group. I've an A6 Avant 45 TFSI (265) Quattro Black Edition on the order. There's not much online about this specific engine. Reviews seem to focus on entry level diesels and top spec 3-litre versions. Does anyone in the group have one? How do you find it day to day, around...
  13. E


    Hi all, I recently bought a pair of Avant B9 roof bars (the type which fit to the rails) and one of the lift up caps / housings are missing. Do any of you have one or know where I can get one? I’ve looked online and can never find! Thanks Ed
  14. saleen

    Sold 2007 A4 Avant 2.0TDI S-line (170PS)

    Its time to trade in my trusty A4 Avant.. 135000 miles, FSH (mostly Audi dealers + specialists), MOT till May 2021, cambelt changed, 18” alloys, roof-rails, front & rear parking sensors, Audi Concert 6-speaker CD/stereo, dual-zone climate control A/C, two remote keys, front seats elec/adjustable...
  15. Asahi

    Wear problem with NEW Brakes

    Hi all, Yesterday I put new front discs and Pads on my car, my old ones judders and were below min thickness. After bedding them in this morning I noticed uneven wear. I then checked the old pads and it's the same story. Any idea? it doesn't look good to me. The passenger side isn't wearing...
  16. Hapiphil

    A4 B9 Avant rear seat lock

    Hello all I have had my 2017 a4 avant for a little over a month now. I dropped the rear seats for the first time today to install a boot liner. However the seat on the passenger side won’t now lock into place! it goes back and just bounces off the latch. Can any one help me resolve this issue...
  17. W

    DAB Aerial - Open Circuit

    Hi All, I've just purchased an A4 B8.5 3.0tdi Avant Black Edition. It's fully loaded and I'm loving it. It has a few bodywork niggles that I'm going to work my way through and 2 faults. One of which is a parking sensor which I'm on top of. The other is this: Fault Found: 02877 - Digital...
  18. M

    Facelift Lowering springs b9 avant

    Hi all, im looking for a lowering kit for my s4 avant b9 as the ride height is too high. ive had a look online and not a lot of people seem to have anything for the avant version. can anyone point me in the right direction as eibach dont make any and racing line only seem to have saloon...
  19. S3_Mitch

    Sold Audi S4 Avant, B8 2009, Highly cherished example, MRC Stg 2, £10k spent

    The time has come to sell my pride and joy... One of a kind Audi S4 Avant in stunning Sprint Blue pearl effect, this is a truly great example of a B8 S4. In the two and a half years I have owned this car I have spent a little under £10k on upgrades in an effort to make this car the best it can...
  20. Matthew Harrison

    interesting 2020 A4 Avant find

    So today, I decided to plasti-dip my exhaust tips black (as i have done with my last 3 Audi's) as i cant stand the pain of keeping the chrome clean and IMO looks great! but whilst doing it, i stumbled across a design flaw, just under the exhaust tips is a big void, which was squidgy, so i raked...