1. C

    Recommended Detailer in the Sussex area?

    Hi guys, As with the thread title, hoping to take collection of a new car in the next few weeks and I was hoping someone could recommend a detailer for a new car protection in the Sussex area? I've used the search tool but couldn't find anything that related to my question so apologies if...
  2. Wartnaby

    Wanted Wanted: Audi S4 B5 Widebody

    Hi, I’ve been looking to purchase a B5 S4 Widebody/RS4 Conversion for a few months now but I’m well aware that they are fairly rare to come across for sale. Im looking to spend from £12k - £15k for one if anyone is going to be selling theirs. Also I’d prefer if the car was either Nogaro Blue...
  3. T

    WHICH Lowering Springs for A4 B9

    Hi Guys. Newbie here.. Has anyone tried to lower 2017+ A4 B9 Saloon or Avant I have done some extensive research and it seems only two Brands are available in the UK Eibach - Pro Kit lowers F+R 30mm and Sportline F 45mm + R 40mm Emmanuelle Design (USA brand but available in UK) - F+R 40mm...