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    S3 8y front parking sensors

    I have an s3 8y with only rear parking sensors. I want to get front parking sensors for it is it available to do by yourself or does it have to be a dealer job? Preferably wanting genuine ones so it will come up on my mmi. Any help?
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    S3 8Y front park aid sensors

    Hi, I’ve got a s3 8y saloon but it didn’t come with front park aid sensors. I was just wondering if anyone has been able to fit genuine sensors to the vehicle and programmed it to work. Is it possible to do that? If so what will I need to do it and how hard is it to do? I do have rear sensors...
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    Rear windscreen shattered

    Hi everyone, I got a s3 8y saloon, only had it for 2 months and my rear windscreen shattered when I put my heated screen on while I was driving. After it shattered there was an electrical burning smell coming for right hand side c pillar (I’m guessing the connector is there). I already have the...