1. M

    Wheel fitment RS6 style

    Hi guys I’m considering to buy a pair of RS6 style wheels for my A3 2.0 TDI 2016 Sportback. It’s lowered with Eibach Sportline springs (35-40/45mm). Currently running on wheels that measure 19” 8.0 ET49 with 225/35-19 tires. The wheels I’m looking at has following measures: 19” 8.5 ET42. As you...
  2. Macaulay


    Please get in touch if you know where I can buy some!
  3. Macaulay

    Gloss black mirror caps

    Hi all, I’ve searched the forums looking for anywhere I can buy gloss black mirror caps from for my 2017 A3, please let me know if anyone knows where? Thanks!
  4. Ranj S3

    Will the Audi Speedlines 19" 8.5j ET48 fit on my Audi S3 8V FL?

    Hi, I hope everyone is doing well. I just got my dream car, the S3 8V FL a 2 months ago after years of waiting to be in the position to get one. I want to upgrade the wheels from 18" to the 19" Speedlines. The wheel size is 8.5j, et48. I'm not the most techinal person when it comes to...
  5. Jon75_S3

    Audi S3 (2015 6 speed) APR Remap

    Hi I've been researching Stage 1 remaps for my S3 and almost certainly going to plump for an APR. I've made some enquiries with my closest APR specialist (Retro Resus in Bridgwater) and received the following: The standard car will cope with either the high torque or low torque maps without...
  6. Michael Paul shields

    Front end changes

  7. M7MD

    Facelift RS3 8V FL Grill

    Hello everyone :) I want to get an RS3 grill from my 2017 Audi S3 FL because the one that I have got now from the factory it's really ugly and bad looking. Audi OEM = 1640 USD / 1440 Euro Online EMD Auto = 470 USD / 415 Euro anyone, please advise on which should I go for and what are the...
  8. LukeAlexander

    Audi S3 2014 Manual transmission

    is there any possible way to install launch control on the Manual S3 14 plate? I know it’s possible to get them on Manual cars.
  9. Michael Paul shields


    Hi i have heard people talking about car sponsors can anyone tell me how to go about getting involved or where to start
  10. Michael Paul shields


    Hi i have heard people talking about car sponsors can anyone tell me how to go about getting involved or where to start
  11. P

    Facelift S3 8v or Prefacelift RS3 8v

    Im caught in two minds currently! I currently have a 2017 facelift S3 with extras such as the virtual cockpit, B+O sound system, Audi connect, etc... However I’m really unsure wether to swap it for a 16 plate RS3 and wondered if that would be seen as a downgrade or an upgrade seeing as my s3...
  12. M

    Advice needed: Turbo removal/swap

    Hi does any one with the knowledge Know what the process is to remove the original turbo from a 2016/17 Audi S3 8V from the car to replace it or change it does the engine need to come out for the job? Or can it. Be done with engine in place. Any advice on best most efficient way is welcome :)...
  13. M

    S8 8V FL Stainless Fabricated Cat Back Exhaust

    Hi all, had a look around the forum (and net) but can’t find much info on this topic, like title says has anyone had a Stainless exhaust built from scratch fitted to their FL S3 at a custom exhaust fabricator? If so would you recommend one? Wondering what the sound is like from one of these...
  14. Harry price

    Window rattle/ google earth never worked

    hi Iv had my facelift 3 door s3 8v since October 2017. This Wednesday it is going back to audi for the 3rd time to sort the rattle out, find it imbrassing when people get in the car an can hear this annoying and loud noise since it’s not even six months out. Also my Audi virtual cockpit...
  15. GregS3

    S3 (8V) Newbie

    Hi all, Just introducing myself as I've done on other forums in the past. Greg, from the west coast of Scotland, however with work I'm often in the south of England - I don't want to be too specific with my location as I believe the car I've just bought is the most nicked car in the country...
  16. kieran.boxall

    Audi S3 8V clutch vs remap

    i have got an audi s3 2015 on 16,000 miles and i had it remapped my amd tuning ever since i have my clutch has been slipping and i have heard that its a known problem am i best getting another audi clutch and if not what am i best off doing and how much am i looking at? i have also heard that...