1. G

    Audi rejected a request of full refund or compensation

    My car has undergone a series of repairs last year and it all started within less than a year of purchase. The issue was with the steering wheel creaking noise coming from the upper side of the steering column. I have raised a complaint with Audi UK as well but they sent the query back to the...
  2. D

    Honeycomb grill S1 badge. S1 embroided matts

    Hi guys, Recently had a honeycomb grill fitted and was wondering where I can find a black S1 badge. Also one of those quick release number plate mounts are pretty cool if you know where to find them. Any idea where I can get new matt for the interior and boot, embossed with the S1 logo...
  3. Prof.Farnsworth

    Hi there

    I just fulfilled my dream and bought an S1 Sportback 2015 in red and black with black winter rims and some other bigger summer rims. I just wanted to say hello and I'm happy and proud to join this forum (The first picture shows how the dealer surprised me) =)
  4. gmeroni

    gmeroni's S1

    Hi guys, open this thread to show you my little lady and the step by step work :)! During this year I started to work a bit on her after 1 year of driving. First step was Revo Stage 1 100RON + Revo Air filter Intake to bring her at 320ps (roughly). I still have to test her! Second step was the...