audi sound system

  1. D

    Audi A4 MMI Question

    Hello All, My 2012 A4 currently has the Audi Concert System with the controls right under the vents. I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade my car to the MMI System and if so what are all the pieces I need to complete the upgrade?
  2. s3mad_dude

    For Sale A3 8V 40 watts “Audi Sound System” front door speakers

    Hi Everyone, I have for sale a pair of front door speakers for the Audi A3/S3/RS3 8V series. The speakers are from the Audi Sound System which is the second type of music setup that Audi offered. It’s better then the basic setup as it comes with more speakers, more powerful speakers too, and a...
  3. N

    Facelift Wireless Apple CarPlay

    I'll start by stating that I'm usually very tech savvy. However... I'm new to Audi. Still finding my way around the MMI. Trying to work out shortcuts for the features I use most often as the non-touch screen can feel a bit inefficient at times. Anyway... the reason for this post is that I'd...
  4. N

    Facelift 2019 A3 Black Edition Sound Quality

    Hi, 2019 A3 Black Edition with Tech Pack Have had my new A3 black edition with tech pack for just over a month. In general I am loving it, but I'm also finding the sound quality somewhat underwhelming. I have: The Audi Sound System (A.S.S) No separate settings for the subwoofer in my sound...
  5. AWP

    PFL Audi A3 *** Loom

    Hello, ANOTHER *** Thread! Sorry! :blahblah1: I was wondering if anyone has seen the Loom for the audi sound system kicking about on any websites, or indeed if someone could make one on here ? I gave it a go myself and let say the results where less than favourable, i'm completely new to...
  6. Christoffer

    Facelift Audi A3 Sport Limousine/Sedan Prestige with Audi Sound System

    Hi, Do anyone know where the subwoofer is mounted in the sedan version of the A3? I have the Audi Sound System. My Audi-dealer couldn't tell me where it's located. I know it was mounted in the rear in the sparewheel on sportsback but it's not in my sedan. Also should I be able to adjust the...
  7. Boud

    Headunit replacement - Audi A3 8P 2012 S-line Quattro - pionneer AVH-2300 Nex - harness

    Hi everyone! I have a question concerning my radio swap that I just made 3 weeks ago. I changed my Concert Headunit for a new Pionneer AVH-2300 NEX, 7inches display. I also use the iDataLINK Maestro RR control for retaining the stearing wheel fonctions. I used the VW1 harness, sold by iDataLINK...
  8. Zak0123

    Given up on the Audi Sound System retrofit

    Evening gents! (and ladies) :) Soooo after quite a while of trying to code the *** into my car I think it's time to pull the plug (literally). After trying for a while myself (and with the help of others) I took it to an Audi specialist and they recon that as the MMI unit is a different version...