audi s1

  1. C

    S1 Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement - Advice?

    Unfortunately three weeks outside of warranty my clutch master cylinder has gone (it is letting fluid back into the resevoir and the pedal wont return to normal position). Local Audi Service have quoted quite a lot of hours (and cost) for the fix. Just wanted to see if the only way to...
  2. A

    For Sale 2016 (16) Audi S1 2.0 Quattro - SEPANG Blue

    2016 (16) Audi S1 2.0 Quattro SEPANG Blue Red callipers Rear roof spoiler Optional sports seats in full black nappa leather Comfort pack Cruise control Auto dimming interior mirror High gloss black styling Multi. function flat-bottomed steering wheel Audi sound system Rear parking sensors...
  3. Connor Johnstone

    Black Badges for S1

    Hi, does any one know where I can get rear black badges for a s1 (black s1 badge and black Audi rings)?
  4. Matthew Macconnell

    New Audi S1 from Scotland!

    Hi All :) I have just put a deposit down on a blue S1 Sportback, Quattro exterior pack, heated seats, nav etc and will be replacing a 2011 Ford Ka! so quite a jump! I also have a bright yellow Throttle Bodied VX220 as well which is the weekend car! But looking really forward to the little S1...
  5. H

    Need Audi S1 alloy

    Looking for same rim anybody selling or know someone who may have one please get in touch
  6. C

    Audi A1/A1 spoiler

    Anyone know where I’d get the Audi s1 double spoiler?
  7. C

    Audi A1/s1 spoiler

    Anyone know where I can get the double Audi s1 spoiler
  8. J

    Hello from Yorkshire! (Need Buying Advice)

    Hi all, hope everyone is well! I'm looking at purchasing a Used Audi S1, no specific plate but preferably something with low miles; I have just got my first years no claims and my insurance are weirdly allowing me to insure an Audi S1 cheaper than my current first car which is 1 .6L Ford...
  9. itchyhippo

    Hill Hold Assist

    So I'm under the consensual opinion that Hill Hold cannot be activated on facelift A1's/S1's - however, i've just treated myself to ODBEleven for Christmas. Their app/forum seems to suggest Hill Hold is possible using the following coding; Hill Hold Assist Activation Select Control unit 03...
  10. H

    S1 buying guide / advice ?

    Hi, I'm hoping to buy my first Audi this month and it will most likely be the S1. Most likely a 14/15 reg with around 20k miles. Does anyone have any advice for buying these, anything to look out for or common problems to check for before buying ? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks...
  11. Alexrogers92

    Velvet Purple S1 inbound.

    So I've only just signed up on here. In 2014 I had a Daytona Grey S1 with every option except keyless. Loved that car and it's been a while since I owned one. Anyway my Velvet Purple S1 arrives at the dealer next week. The spec: Quattro interior Quattro exterior Design pack (Panoramic...
  12. D

    Audi A1 Quattro Spoiler

    Hi All, Does anyone know where i could get an Audi A1 Quattro Spoiler for my s1 3 door. anyone make them in fibreglass?
  13. D

    Audi S1 Induction Kit

    Hi All, Just got my new S1 from my Mk7 fiesta ST. I've had a look at the induction I had with a cone but looking at the MAF sensor I'm not sure it will fit. (Given that the STs were at the back and the S1s are at the front.) Anyone with a cone filter on their s1? Any recommendations?
  14. I

    S1 new owner advice needed

    Hi there guys I've had my S1 about a month or so now and absolutely love it (coming from a fiesta ST) I now want to start small modifications to it and want to here from people who have fitted the turbo muffler delete is it worth it. Is the Revo induction kit any good. And what's the best cat...
  15. S

    1 Month old S1 - Brake Squeal

    Hi everyone, I wanted to see whether anyone else has had this same issue i'm experiencing with my 5 week old S1 brakes and also anything similar to the appalling customer service received by Stansted Audi! I took delivery of a brand new Audi S1 on the 27th of September and unfortunately after 3...
  16. A

    Audi s1 master clutch cylinder - HELP

    Hey guys - In need of some advice. Taken car back to Audi for a squeak in the clutch. To which they said it was the master cylinder. Fine they replaced it. Once I drove it back I noticed the clutch was sat far too low and there was literally no biting point to be found. So I take it back -...
  17. Daniel Gorton

    Audi s1 ordered on lease

    BOOM! just confirmed my lease order with my local dealer for a new audi s1 sportback in sepang blue. Money was a bit tight on options so I ended up going for Bose audio - as I listen to music every drive Heated seats And satnav I'm sure the dealer threw a couple extra in but I didn't remember...
  18. Daniel Gorton

    Audi S1 5th and 6th gear pull?

    Hi, I'm looking at getting a 2016 audi S1 on lease through my business and I'm loving everything about the car but so far haven't found a garage that will let me test drive at my age. The specs are really impressive and was just interested how well the car pulls in 5th and 6th gear at low...
  19. Scottien

    Scott's S1 - The Bumblebeeast

    Hi guys, Lots of you probably know my car already as it's plastered all over the internet, Instagram, facebook whatever but I haven't as yet made a progress thread so this will be it! My old car Lots of you probably know my old black murdered out stage 2 Audi A1, on AirRex and Porsche twists...
  20. M

    Audi S1 - ABT Tuning - Feedback

    Hi All New to the forum, I have a Audi S1 - have had it about a year now. Considering going for a remap. Interested in the ABT Piggy back system. I know it's expensive but the piggy back and the Insurance is swaying me. It looks like some of the forum members have had this done, appreciate...