audi q7

  1. D

    Q7 Fault codes help

    Hey folks can someone guide for the following fault codes where are these located and how to fix the climatronic unit? Are these codes related to the Aircon because my aircon stopped working and the Ac start stop button is not staying on It’s on Audi Q7 2013 diesel 3.0 Thanks
  2. Rahat Latif

    Q7 Audi Q7 Map Update - Recommendation

    Hiya - I own a 2013 Audi Q7 and wanting to update map to 2021-22 version. Can someone recommend a legitimate nav update provider in the UK? Audi Stockport is quoting a fortune for the update. I am assuming mine requires firmware update as well. Its a 3G+ MMI system.
  3. A

    Q7 Help with sourcing a Q7 Transmission Valve Body

    Hi I need some help with sourcing a new, refurbished, or used transmission valve body for a 2008 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI (240PS) (Transmission: Aisin 09D TR60-SN) Hoping that someone here could point me in the right direction. Thanks
  4. C

    Q7 Push button start

    I have a 2009 Q7 I bought it used and I never used the key to manually start it.I purchased a spare key and when the auto mechanic attempted to program the spare he said that the original key that came with the vehicle was unable to start the Q7.Because I never attempted to do this I could not...
  5. K

    Q7 Q7 park neutral switch issue.

    Hi First post on here. Need some help. I have a 2010 Sline Q7. Im having issues with my park neutral switch. Selecting 'D' and goes into 'S', Neutral and goes into R. So far ive had a new battery and new park neutral switch, but issue is still then. The coil light also flashes then goes...
  6. T

    Newbie with Q7

    Hi Guys, I have just joined the family after leaving the dark side (Mercedes). I have a Q7 (4L) and look forward to tips and tricks/ accessories on here.
  7. C

    Advise needed with my Q7 limp mode !

    Hi All, First time on here, recently picked up a Audi Q7 2007 110,000 3.0tdi for £5995. Bargain in my eyes. I know the maintenance and bills are going to be high. But driving it back from the private seller somewhere on the M25, cruising at 60mph suddenly glow plug light flashes and speed drops...
  8. 2

    Q7 Please Help: 2015 Q7 PCV Valve

    Hi, Just bought a 2015 Q7, literally waited two weeks for the car to be shipped to Los Angeles. 2 days in to the new ownership, PCV Valve failed. loud noise when Oil Cap is on the car. I can't find PCV Valve on the car. Where is it? Anyone please show me a picture. Thank You very much...
  9. S

    Audi Q7 Hissing / bubbling noise passenger foot well area

    Hi Wonder if anyone can help ? I have a AudiQ7 2010 3.0 Sline Past couple of days I have started hearing a hissing / bubbling noise from around the passenger foot well or behind glove box. This can be heard when the car is running and continues for around 30 seconds when the engine is switched...
  10. Ignacio Puccini

    Q7 Audi Q7 Front Suspension Issue

    Hi there, Before I say something - I haven't done diagnostics yet, as it happened this morning on my way to work, So I won't be able to do that for another few days, and I am simply worried. So, the vehicle is is Q7 4.2tdi 2008. Started the car ok, and on my way i noticed that the ride is...