audi q5

  1. F

    Q5 Audi Q5 2011 2.0 TFSI Pressure problem

    I need help i have an Audi Q5 2.0 TFSI and i am desperate because i already change, oil pump ( last revision oem), tensioner, pistons, rings, timing chain, camshaft bridge, crankshaft bearings, bearings have been checked with plastigage, exchange oil different viscosities and problem keeps...
  2. F

    VAGCOM support for 2017 Audi Model? does it still work

    Hi Peeps! I cant find the answer to this anyway so I do apologise if its duplicated I have an audi a5 2011 model, vcds has never let me down ! how ever I want to switch to a Q5 2017 Model + and wondered if the rosstech/vcds cables worked for this just as they did for the older models. I have...
  3. S

    Q5 Audi Q5 S Line Plus 2014 Puddle Lights

    Anyone know how to fit them projector lights on an Audi Q5 S Line Plus 2014 model. I bought two of the audi projector lights on amazon thinking it was a bargain at £13.00, it said all i had to do was to remove the exisisting lights from the bottom of the door and plug these in. As i looked at...
  4. Jayaraj

    Audi Genuine UTR

    I have UTR fitted in my new Q5 (2018) by the local Audi dealer, its taken a day and half to complete. All seems working OK but there is no back camera recording found on the SD card. I can see the live rear view on my mobile but have no idea how to get the recorded rear view clips. Has anyone...