audi a3 8v

  1. Au3

    A3 8V few questions

    Hi Audi people! I bought a 2014 model year A3 car a week ago. 1) The MMI display has now once failed to rise. (After the night.) <-- Is that 3-button reset safe? - Does it discard any self-made encodings from the device? (example changes start screen logo, possible sound system coding) 2) The...
  2. s3mad_dude

    For Sale A3 8V 40 watts “Audi Sound System” front door speakers

    Hi Everyone, I have for sale a pair of front door speakers for the Audi A3/S3/RS3 8V series. The speakers are from the Audi Sound System which is the second type of music setup that Audi offered. It’s better then the basic setup as it comes with more speakers, more powerful speakers too, and a...
  3. Amirish

    My Audi A3/S3 Project All Video Parts

    All Project Part On My Audi :)
  4. s3mad_dude

    Sold 8V Audi A3/S3/RS3 Electric power fold heated wing mirrors

    I have a pair of electric power-folding door mirrors for an 8V Audi A3/S3/RS3 with built-in LED indicators. They will fit both three and five door models. I think they will also fit onto the pre-facelift 8V model but please note that both of these mirrors were removed from 2018 *facelift*...
  5. S

    Suggestion for audi a3

    For reliability which engine is the best from 70-100k mileage? Audi a3 8v s tronic only. Either 2.0 tdi or 1.8 tfsi? looking to upgrade from my mk6 golf.
  6. SkyCRW

    where to buy this front grill and black emblem

    Hi all, I've search the forums but couldn't find a topic that answers my question, I'm looking for this (pic attached) front grill and black emblems to fit a audi a3 8v PFL, can anyone point out a site or link where I can find one ? Another question I have is, is the front grill the same size...
  7. Wing Lun

    What happens when you buy a car from Arnold Clark?

    When I retropectively look back, it was a good decision to buy this car because mechnically the car was sound, loads of optional extras, and the price was right. But the more times I handwash my car, the more I realise the paint work on my car is actually horrendous. I don't know who the...
  8. I

    Audi a3 2014 8v halogen to xenon headlights retrofit

    Hi everyone, I recently bought Audi a3 2014 8v m, however it is with halogen headlights. I am currently planning to retrofit bi xenon headlights, however I am not sure what parts do I need ? I have seen on ebay Hella bi xenon headlights for £350 each and it doesn’t sound too bad to me, however I...
  9. Ash2019

    Audi A3 8V 2.0TDI sline

    Hi Everyone I have been experiencing an issue with the climate control / blower on my Audi A3 8V 2014. The interior blower fan intermittently blows fine but will then whine to a halt where it will stop working all together. I removed the blower fan from under the glovebox to check for debris...
  10. S

    Facelift Audi A3 8V Subwoofer & Centre Speaker Retrofit in Standard MMI

    Dear Gents, My Audi A3 8v (WAUZGF8V0FY702185)comes with standard speaker system , I would like to retrofit it with Subwoofer and Center Speaker. Anyone can help me in coding. Let me any one has these products to sell
  11. S

    Audi A3 8V Sat Nav Maps Update

    afternoon everyone just bought an a3 but the maps hasnt got my address on as its a new build and the map sd card is Europa version 2013. read on a forum about updating it yourself from the my-audi , but because its beyond the 3 year mark i can no longer do this . has anyone got any ideas or...
  12. Jiggsy Jnr

    Damaged centre console help!

    Good afternoon all, Audi A3 8V S-Line Stronic I need a little advice if possible. I accidentally last summer left a car air-freshener hanging around my centre console. The sunshine has caused the solvent on the air-freshener to somehow warp and damage the plastic veneer that has now shrivelled...
  13. E


    hi I’m new to using these forums And this is my First Audi It a A3 8v 2014 Tried to retrofit led light pack into my car I have Fitted both the front and rear dome lights and vanity mirror lights And door cards All the window switches work and Lights on them as well as the vanity lights...
  14. dp_motley

    8V Saloon window tint

    Het there! I have a question to owners of a 8V Saloon with tinted windows. I test drove a FL 8V Saloon yesterday and considered purchasing it if it still was for sale when I sold my 2012 8PA. This car had tinted rear sides and rear windshield and it didn't look like a quality job. The tint had...
  15. A

    Wheel Bearing and Wheel Alignment Issue

    Hi, I've been a long time lurker on this forum. I've had my Audi A3 8V 184 Quattro now for two years (15 reg). The other day I had my Off Side Front wheel bearing changed at 43k miles (Don't ask me how a wheel bearing went so soon, my cam belt needed to be changed a couple months ago aswell...
  16. MadsE

    Facelift Retrofit Premium LED package

    Hi there, Some of the things I am missing in my new A3 FL are all the LED lights. Those I have found and what looks like an easy mod: Footwell lights Door handle led Cup holder rings But have any of you found a solution to get and retrofit?: Door panel decor led lights - those are really...
  17. fatyin

    A3 8V Removing J519 T46b in Attempt to install Footwell and Cupholder Lights

    Hello all, As I am attempting to install the footwell light and cupholder light, I really had difficulty in removing one of the three connectors T46b (A2) in the attached pic. Normally you'd pull the white lever and the connector just pop out easily; whereas the white lever of T46b does have...