audi a3 1.2

  1. A

    New turbo and actuator advice

    Hi everyone hoping for abit of advice. Refitting my reconditioned turbo on my 2011 1.2 tfsi audi a3 petrol, that has had a new actuator on it also. Was just wondering if I can just refit and start, do I have to reset turbo learned values before I start or is there more I have to do? T
  2. Howardfly

    Revs set to 3000 and start/stop failure

    Good afternoon all, im hoping someone may be some help to me with my Audi A3 1.2 TFSI 8v After driving the car back from work last night, I had a failure come up on the instrument panel saying automatic start/stop system fault! Function unavailable so after seeing this i knew something was...