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  1. G

    For Sale A3 8P (2004-2012) Thule Roof Rack Kit & Box

    Thule roof rack kit and box for: A3 3-dr Hatchback (8P) with Normal Roof 2003 - 2012 or A3 Sportback 5-dr Hatchback (8P) with Normal Roof 2004 - 2012 Thule Clamp Evo x 4 (part number 710500 / 7105) Thule SquareBar Evo 127 (part number 712300 / 7123) Thule Fit Kit (part number 145085) Thule...
  2. HarveW

    I switched my CECM and now the Lights don’t work

    Cut a long story short. I installed Bi xenon headlights to the car. My CECM was not compatible for xenons. I changed the CECM to the correct model for my car that allowed Bi xenons. The Xenons work (except DRL, open circuit fault) But now my rear tail lights do not work. The break lights...
  3. R

    Blueish Exhuast Smoke, Juddering Engine, Revs up down

    Hi I am hoping maybe the community can help clear up in my mind what may be wrong with my car. A3 1.6TDI 2011 Now I have had this issue for a while... every few months my car exhaust will smoke badly with light blueish smoke, my rev counter needle is juddering, I can hear the engine juddering...
  4. Will.T

    Alloy fitment

    Hi Guys, I've been looking at some new alloys on Demon Tweeks who do some pretty reasonable finance options and I was wondering what size I'd need to go for? I need the width (options: 7", 7.5", 8" or 9"), diameter (I'll be going for 18"), PCD (Think this is 5x112?) and offset (35, 40 or 45)...
  5. Will.T

    Wanted Audi S3 8P

    This, I'm sure is an absolute shot in the dark but worth a try. I'm looking for the above with the following specs: 1.DSG (Essential) 2. 5 Door (Essential) 3. Black Edition (Not Essential) 4. Black Pan Sunroof (Not Essential) 5. Colour - White (Not Essential) 6. Below 90,000 Miles 7. Sat Nav...
  6. P

    Audi 8p RNS-E sat nav retrofit

    I have the 8p 2011 black edition without sat nav fitted. If I was to buy a second hand unit what would be needed to fit it? Keep hearing horror stories and also people saying it's a doddle... you guys are the ones to ask! Thanks.
  7. P

    Audi 8p black edition fog light removal

    Guys I'm wondering how I change the fog light on my black edition . I know the light itself will be held in with 2 or 3 bolts but I need to know HOW to get the plastic surrounds off that you can seewhilst looking at the car head on...
  8. F

    Rear Bumpers issue (HELP)

    Hello Everyone, About a year ago I bought a whole new bodykit off ebay (from Germany) and the rear bumper does not fit properly. I took to my mechanic and he told me the clips I have in my car are too small. The bumper fits it but it doesn't look that good because there are gaps around the...
  9. O

    Hi all. New to the site. Looking for an a3 grill

    Hi there I have an Audi A3 s-line and am looking for a Honeycombe, RS3 style grill. It’s a 1.6 2007 model. I’d like the removable licence plate holder but cannot find one in stock suitable for an S-line model. I’ve found this, however it is out of stock...
  10. M

    Vogtland springs

    has anyone put vogtland 35mm springs on there audi s3 8p? if so what does it look like and how does it drive?
  11. AudiA38p

    Audi A3 8p 1.6 petrol Exhaust options :(?

    Hi. I've read a few posts mentioning it's not worth tuning a 1.6 which is fair however i want to put an exhaust on it to make it sound a little more decent. As an 18 year old not too fussed about power especially on U.K. roads anyway. I have a few questions as it's my first car.. 1. If i...
  12. B

    MAF Sensor Help

    MAF Sensor Help- I keep getting this fault, i have not loss of power at all and the sensor seems to be working fine from the log i have run I have replaced the MAF sensor and still no joy Help much appreciated audi a3 2.0 tdi Thanks! 000257 - Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70) P0101 -...
  13. F

    How to increase BHP and keep it at low costs?

    Hello Everyone, I have an Audi A3 1.8 TFSI Automatic transmission. I would like to get my car to get more power and keep the costs low. I have remapped my car already, changed the exaust (de-cat) and installed an induction kit (K&N). I read that I would need to change spark plugs and fuel...