apple car play

  1. C

    Apple car play head unit for Bose audio system

    Hi all, I have a Audi A3 8P 2010 plate with the full Bose audio system. I was thinking about getting a head unit with Apple car play but heard there can be issues with the Bose audio system. Can anyone point me in the right direction about any additional fittings/connectors I would need to get...
  2. M

    Sold Apple Car play retro fit unit. Multiple Audi car fit

    Afternoon, Please see my Apple Car play retrofit unit that has been in my wife's S3 8V for about 16 months. It's a Unique Auto Developments unit that worked perfectly whilst installed. It's not the Wireless unit but cabled. Easy to install with the Instructions included. Just take out the MMI...
  3. C

    Vcds services

    Hello all I was wondering if anyone could help me I want to get into VCDS stuff for the vag group and want to offer services like apple car play activation and retrofits as they is a surprising lack of around my area and I was wondering what sort of kit I need to do apple car play activations...
  4. C

    Apple car play

    Hi all I was looking through some post on FB and here and seen these people have been recommended, I’ve been looking for apple car play for ages and a bigger screen and was wondering if anyone has had experience with these people, and if the screen and what it offers seems to good to be true or...
  5. Kuyper

    New Owner - Some Questions

    I included some of these questions in my post to the welcome thread. I hope a little cross-posting is allowed. If not, please advise and I’ll correct immediately. I just purchase a used 2017 A4 with the Premium Plus trim. I have a few questions about some of the tech features. I’m still trying...
  6. H

    Apple Car play retrofit

    hi guys, Do you think it’s possible to install / retrofit Apple CarPlay in 2016 A7? Are there any kits available or any reliable and not too expensive companies to expertise to do it? Thanks again
  7. S3Gus

    Facelift Audi Apple Carplay WIFI Internet Connection

    Really looking for some assistance with the Audi Apple Carplay, firstly I normally connect my Iphone 7 to the car through the apple cable, if i leave my WIFI on my phone on connected to the car hotspot APP also open it won't stream podcasts or music thats not downloaded on my phone. My Audi...
  8. illingworth22

    TTS 310 Mk 3 & Apple Car Play

    Anyone know if the MK3 TTS 310 with the digital speedo supports Apple Car Play? I am thinking of changing the S3