1. W55LSY

    Recommended Remaps (LEGIT) for under £250?

    Yo! A3 170 blackline 2010 So, I want a Celtic, but can’t afford it. I know there’s flash based ***** on offer but that is not happening on my car In this time of uncertainty, does any know legit mappers in the south east, or national network, that are offering good deals whilst business is...
  2. H

    AMD remap on 136bhp S tronic A4 Avant 30TDI

    Hi all, So I'm new to audi, i received my a4 on friday. It actually broke down on me 12 hours after delivery in central london. That was fun waiting on the side of the road down oxford street until 2:30AM. Im a bit underwhelmed by this car so far and unfortunately need to keep it for 3 years...
  3. Shady0808

    AMD Carbon Clean

    Anyone had a Carbon Clean done by AMD? Got it up for £60 at the moment. What were your results like?
  4. B

    A5 mods

    Hi all, My brother has just purchased an A5 cabriolet Quattro auto 2.0 FSi on a 13 plate and was wondering if he could have a reversing camera and cruise control fitted. He's near Basildon in Essex. Also which remap is better, revo or AMD? Any ideas? Ta
  5. B

    Some clarification needed please

    morning all I'd like to start by saying hello. I am a long time lurker and have finally joined up. I have a conundrum and am receiving various conflicting information regarding mapping my car. I bought a 1998 fsh 85k 1.8t a3 as a hobby car with a view to learn whilst restoring and maintaining...