1. H

    Wanted Wanted aftermarket 19" alloys wheels 8.5j/9j ET 43 or below..

    Hi, as per the title, ideally some light weight wheels!! drop me a PM or message in the thread Many thanks
  2. MarcoAbreu

    Will these alloys fit?

    Had a good search through the forum but not quite got a clear cut answer as all alloys differ slightly! I'm looking to get some Bola CSR alloys put on the car (S3 8P) Not lowered and alloys will be 18x9 ET40 running on 225/40 tyres all around. Will these fit on standard hight or will there...
  3. S

    In search for alloy s3 saloon

    Does anyone or know anyone who has alloys for sale, audi s3 2016 saloon, see picture for alloys in search for. Have searched the whole of ebay gumtree etc with no luck, all are either damaged or not willing to deliver and are over 6 hours away from me. Thanks in advance
  4. D

    Help! S3 new shoes...

    Hi everyone! I want to replace my OEM 18” wheels on my S3 Sportback and the ones that I love are the OZ Ultraleggeras. I think the best configuration for me is 19x8,5j but... I don’t know which ET I have to choose... 47? 38? I don’t want to use spacers, so taking the 47 and then not enough? Or...
  5. S

    Back to original colour - A3 2009 Black Edition Alloys

    I bought my 2009 Black Edition A3 a couple of months ago and the previous owner had the alloys refurbished before the sale. They were a dark titanium colour..but definitely darker than the original Black Edition Colour. After more than a few washes the wheels are pretty much black in colour...
  6. T

    Alloy question! Rear sizing

    Hey, so I was looking at purchasing some 18” Alloys for my A3, my car has not been lowered but I’m reading that on my read it would be 18” x 9.5” with a 39 offset. Does this mean it would rub ? What are the biggest size for an A3 which won’t rub? I would like to put coil overs on in the future...
  7. M

    Would you call nonsense (polite synonym) on this? (wheel refurbisher uncooperativeness)

    So I took some alloys for a refurb and picked them up saturday just gone. I've heard some great things about this place (+ 1 or 2 'cowboy' stories) but the majority I've heard is great. Generally the finish is good but there are a few things I'm not happy about at all. Yes I know I should've...
  8. B

    What wheel are they?

    Can someone please tell me what wheels these are as i would like to get them Cheers
  9. maxpayne

    Anyone used Smith & Hunter for alloy refurb?

    Hi, I came across a rather good deal in Groupon (of all the places) for alloy wheel refurb from Smith & Hunter ( Using one of the many discount codes floating around the net, price for a set of 4 comes down to £200, which for proper powder coated refurb is very good in...
  10. S

    best wheels for 2009 red s line

    Got ronal 18s on my a3 but they look very basic... I'v been looking at BBS CK 18 but they look too small compared with 19.. I want to keep the same tyres 225/40/18. P.S shes a 5 door sportback Any suggestions :) ?
  11. Scurrminator

    A3 Alloy wheel colour question

    I currently have a 2013 1.6 TDI sline with the standard alloy wheels however they are a gun metal grey colour rather than the standard silver finish. I'm currently looking to order a facelift model and do not see an option to change the alloy colours - only select between the 3 styles. Is this...