air filter

  1. Ads_Essex

    Loose plug beside airbox/battery

    Morning all. Does anyone know what this plug is for (and if the empty fuse holder relates to it). Nearside of engine, beside battery. Cheers
  2. Joseph123

    Help Please What diameter cone air filter neck do i need

    Hi guys, after realising there are not much options for induction kits, i’ve decided i’d just like to buy a cone air filter and install it on the pipe that is already there for the stock air filter. However do you guys know what the outside/inside diameter of the current air filter pipe is, so i...
  3. A

    Removing The Airbox Housing

    Hi all, I have an Audi A4 B8 Diesel S Line TDI We are trying to remove the air box housing, there is a cable running through the bottom of it which we can't work out what it is, it does look as though it controls a valve of some sort. Does anyone know, if we were to upgrade the box would we...
  4. TheJuanAndOnly

    Installing K&N Air Filter

    Decided to go for a K&N filter, managed to find time to fit it yesterday. Quite impressed by the build quality, first time I've fitted one. Noticeable difference in sound and also surprisingly noticeable throttle response increase so chuffed really for such a simple job! (Yeah I popped one of...
  5. Varun Patrick

    Open Air Filter Through Empty 'stock' Filter Box

    I own an Audi A3 1.4 TFSi (125HP) and I am currently looking to switch out the stock air filter for an open air filter system. I have searched through many forums and pages but have not been able to find an answer to this question: Is it alright to remove the stock air filter from the filter...
  6. Mike Rogers

    Air filter/ Panel filter help

    Hello guys I have a quick question/opinions to ask of you ? Im taking my car in to TDI Tuning on saturday to have a CRDT4 box fitted to my 14 plate 2.0TDI. Was just wondering whats peoples opinions on having a panel filter, and wether they have made much of a difference at all ? Or if not...
  7. A

    Any recommended mods on my A4 B8 TDi?

    Just wondering if anyone else has done some mods on their Audi A4 B8 TDi (143). This was an SE model and I have already fitted the car with the S-line Front and Rear bumper along with the S4 Honeycomb Grill at the front. I currently have the car in the body shop where they are currently...
  8. Harvey Atkinson

    Any help on Induction kits for 2013 Audi A3 8V 1.4 TFSI Induction kit?

    Hi guys, want to put a induction kit on my 1.4 TFSI A3 8v, having trouble finding a anything which would fit ( photo added of my engine bay for you to see the air Box location under the bonnet) Any help would do thanks