1. G

    Vehicle electronics fault, shift to P

    I've seen this issue has been popping up across the forum. It was occurring every couple of days, disappeared within seconds, and didn't seem to be an issue whatsoever. But this time, I actually took it in to get it diagnosed and repaired by Audi. But it's back again. They diagnosed it as a...
  2. R

    Rear windscreen shattered

    Hi everyone, I got a s3 8y saloon, only had it for 2 months and my rear windscreen shattered when I put my heated screen on while I was driving. After it shattered there was an electrical burning smell coming for right hand side c pillar (I’m guessing the connector is there). I already have the...
  3. W

    Steering wheel change

    Evening all, I believe this is the correct thread to place this post - sorry in advance if not. I have recently purchased my first car (59 plate A4/B8) and looking to upgrade the steering wheel from the original to flat bottom. I understand the installation side of things but not 100% sure...
  4. Yeldarb

    2005 A4 2.0T S-Line CCM/Central Locking issues

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone here can provide me with an answer as I'm all out of options after trawling this and various other forums for ideas. Bought the car back in September last year, and I can only unlock the door with the key itself rather than remote buttons. A mechanic mate of mine...
  5. ZIPPY2019


    Right... I cannot find the power steering fluid reservoir location on my 2009 A3 (102hp). Where and how do I check the power steering fluid level?? Sounds like a stupid question but I honestly have no idea. I have looked everywhere an am still clueless. Any help is greatly appreciated/ Zippy!
  6. R

    DSG Clutch Pack Limits

    Hi guys, Not posted in a while, just wondering if anyone had any advice regarding the stock clutch packs and DQ250 DSG. 1.What’s the max torque and hp for stock? 2.Would remapping the TCU to increase clamping pressure increase the rating of the stock clutch packs? Or would this just cause...
  7. J

    Audi A4 2.0tfsi Black Edition Quattro Advice Needed!

    I’m after some advice if anyone can help, I’m looking at buying a 2014 Audi A4 2.0tfsi Black Edition Quattro. Seen a very nice looking example on auto trader. I’m just after some advice on reliability, things to look out for and common issues? If someone could shed some light for me!
  8. J

    2015 A3 2.0 TDI Engine Management Light Flashing, Limp Home

    Hi all, Pretty new to all this but I bought an A3 S-Line a couple of weeks ago all was well and good for the first week but now when I start the car and drive for a few minutes the engine goes into limp mode and the glow plug light starts flashing. I can restart the car and the issue is...
  9. B

    90PSI Cylinder 1 1.4TFSI 2009 A3

    I'm hoping some of you will be able to help me as I'm fearing the worst (knackered piston rings). I bought the car in December and the first week of having it I noticed a slight shake at idle, after idling for 10 minutes the EML started flashing so I got my OBD/II scanner which pulled P0300 &...
  10. R

    Blueish Exhuast Smoke, Juddering Engine, Revs up down

    Hi I am hoping maybe the community can help clear up in my mind what may be wrong with my car. A3 1.6TDI 2011 Now I have had this issue for a while... every few months my car exhaust will smoke badly with light blueish smoke, my rev counter needle is juddering, I can hear the engine juddering...
  11. ZIPPY2019

    70K AUDI A3 1.6 2009

    2009 AUDI A3 1.6 SPORTPACK 8P I've just hit 70k miles and was wondering if there any parts that I should check or replace that are not part of normal servicing? THANK YOU :)
  12. ZIPPY2019


    I Have a 2009/2010 Audi A3 1.6 Sportback. (It is now at 66k Miles) I am well aware that it is a slow car but as of recently it has felt slower.] What could I do to restore/improve the cars performance? And does my car have a MAF sensor? I never drove the car new and want to check/maintain...
  13. Ethan-S3

    Exhaust s3 8p /BCS exhaust/ stock to bcs

    Hello i have a question regarding the rubber pipe that is on the rear of the s3 8p i believe it is for the stock system being valved i am stage 2+ and i run a bcs wrc decat full system would it be wise to use that rubber pipe already at the back of the car for the valve of my exhaust or...
  14. C

    Advice/Mods for a new S3 owner???

    Hi guys, just bought my 2016 S3 (S-Package) and keen to start customizing it! Would be greatly appreciated if some current/past owners could give me some advice on the car and ideas for performance/aesthetics mods for it! Have a few ideas already for is white with black sunroof so...
  15. R

    USED A5 -HELP-

    Hi. looking to finally purchase an Audi A5 3.0 TDI Quattro. Does anyone have any advise on what to look out for? (First time buying a car). All help is greatly appreciated. Cheers Renox :)
  16. xkieron99x

    Advice on which of these two xtrons units to get

    For the past couple of days i've been debating on which xtrons units to get. First one is a xtrons pa77aa3p and the other is a PA78AA3IP The price difference between the two is £29.99, but i can get the pa77aa3p in a matter of days compared to the andorid 8 one that comes from hong kong...
  17. P

    Injector replacement AJL 180 engine

    Hi, I need some advice on which injectors to replace mine with. Are there any, in particular, you would recommend? Thanks
  18. N

    Questions about the S1

    Hi guys. Im new to the forums as im potentially considering getting an S1 in the coming months and just am researching what I would like to have and need to know so I have a few questions. Id be thinking about going stage 2 (lets be honest we all get bored quick) but understand that the clutches...
  19. aar007

    *RS3 8P buying advice needed*

    Dear ASN community, I'm looking into buying and RS3 8P, and I have a few questions: 1. I have noticed none of the advertised rs3 had a panoramic sunroof, was that never an option on the RS? 2. I love how sexy the wingback seats are, and they give the interior a very sporty vibe, but is it...
  20. S1MPO

    A4 B8 1.8 TFSI Performance Parts

    Hi, I’m a new owner of a A4 B8 1.8TFSI and I’m looking to remap the car to stage 2. However, I’m looking for performance parts such as intake, downpipe etc. But the only ones I can find are for the 2.0 TFSI. Would these fit my car? If not do you have any suggestions where I could find parts...