1. Will Johnstone

    A4 b7 2.0 TDi 8ec 140hp 2005 - wont start

    If anyone can help with advice it is greatly appreciated. Been having some issues related to what felt like carbon build ups in egr and turbo, probably in breather tubes and exhaust as well. So I used some fuel additive to help clean it out a little in case there were any deposits in the fuel...
  2. R

    2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate (2-EHN) Cetane Booster - Does anyone use this stuff, if so which 1?

    Hi Wondering who uses this stuff and any recommendations please? A lot of people buy Millers Diesel Power Ecomax which also has the additive Cetane included within however can be £££ for a 1 litre bottle. You could but the raw stuff (99%) from eBay/Amazon for £12 a litre and that should last...
  3. R

    Fuel/Engine Additives

    Hey guys, Seeing as I've bought myself an Audi A3 1.6 TDI (8P) on an 11 plate I just wanted to know your thoughts on fuel and/or engine additives! 1- do you use any or simply pay for the pricier fuel? 2- if you do use it, what exactly do you use n how often? 3- any proven benefits? 4- etc