adaptive cruise control

  1. Can Akaltun

    Need Help! retro fitting lane assist for 2018 A3 8v Facelift Cabriolet

    I want to retrofit lane assist to my car. i have bought the camera 3Q0 980 654 G. i have bought the steering wheel column which supports lane assist and acc. (ACC will be future upgrade) for all these upgrades i have agreed with a local vag center. they are really the best in Turkey. they...
  2. E

    Active Lane Assist not working ?

    Recently bought a new S4 (2020 model). I have the 'Driver Assistance Pack Tour'. The 'Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go' works as expected. I cannot get 'Active Lane Assist' to work and I not convinced 'Traffic-jam assist' controls the steering when required. Any ideas ?
  3. MP1979

    A5 Sportback 2014. Driver Info System. Missing Information

    I have a 2014 A5 2.0 Tdi SE Quattro, sportback variant. The vehicle has Adaptive Cruise Control and MMI and Tyre Pressure Monitoring. The colour DIS display is located in between the two dials on the dashboard. In its normal display there is a digital speedometer below is a line of user...
  4. Craiggallan

    Honeycomb Grill Swap for S3 8V (2015 with Parking sensors and ACC)

    Hi All, First time posting on this. I am looking at swapping the standard S3 grill on my car to the RS3 honeycomb... however I cant seem to find any that have the holes for the Parking Sensors, or the slot for the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). Preferably I would like to have the Black...
  5. Agent57

    Adaptive Cruise Control + Lowering Springs?

    Im looking to buy some 20mm H&R's for my S3 but after enquiring about fitting to a local VAG specialist I'm a little concerned. The guy said that because my car has ACC there is a chance that after it has been lowered the system could stop working and the only way to fix would be a £500+...