1. kpm278

    In-gear acceleration figures 184 TDI

    Hi, I think my cars under-performing, no fault codes. Would anyone have in-gear performance figures for manual 2wd 184 TDI? Thanks!
  2. ZIPPY2019


    I Have a 2009/2010 Audi A3 1.6 Sportback. (It is now at 66k Miles) I am well aware that it is a slow car but as of recently it has felt slower.] What could I do to restore/improve the cars performance? And does my car have a MAF sensor? I never drove the car new and want to check/maintain...
  3. Shakemagroovethangg

    Facelift 0-60 without launch control

    Hello all, just been messing around with dragy this evening. 0-60 without launch control 4.33 seconds, with launch control 3.68 seconds. 0-60 without launch control was a lot quicker than expected - faster than an S3 using launch control! Car is completely stock with 20,000 miles on the clock.
  4. ohmyaudi

    Beeping under hard acceleration

    I've noticed recently that occasionally when I floor it there will be a long quiet beep that seems to come from the engine bay. Anyone experienced this?
  5. Z

    Breaking problems 8p Quattro

    Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I recently brought an Audi A3 8p 2.0 TDI Quattro. I’ve noticed that when i tap the breaks they are very harsh and responsive and great !! Its when i slam or break heavier than usual, the car doesnt seem to stop, especially when i break hard...
  6. R

    RS3 Facelift - Best tires option for Acceleration 0-60/Handling on Track

    Hi All As I ordered for my NEW RS3 Saloon Original wheels and thx. to this 8,5j 255 and 8j 235 Tires on it. Let me know your thoughts about it. 1) What type and size tires you have? 2) Ideas, what is the best tire size combo for 0-60 time? 3) What is the best tire combo for Handling on...
  7. B

    Q7 Throttle dead band

    Hi all, I’ve just purchased a 4.2 tdi and found that the first inch of throttle travel does nothing, then the car moves very abruptly. I hadn’t driven any other 4.2 TDIs so don’t know if it’s normal. Ta.
  8. J

    Facelift 2017 S3 full throttle acceleration lag in Sports mode (with video link)

    This is my first time posting and would like to get feedback if others are getting same full throttle acceleration lag that I've experienced (in sports mode but not launch control mode). I bought 2017 S3 for a few months now and the engine is broken-in and started to drive more spiritedly...
  9. Aden

    2008 S5 heated seats warming up under heavy acceleration

    Hi there, just wondering if someone could offer some advice. I am not sure of what is actually mechanically/electrically happening but under fairly heavy acceleration, my heated seats are noticeably warming up. I am wondering if this is normal activity given the electrical set up of the car, or...
  10. AudiTurbo8

    1.8TFSI Power Loss under Acceleration

    Hi Guys, I've got a 61 plate 1.8TFSI with 55k on the clock. I've had it remapped by Revo - ever since then when it's cold and in cold weather it would hesitate at around 1500rpm in every gear until it got warm, then power would be smooth through the rev range after a minute or so of driving...
  11. SidH

    A3 SB 170 2.0TDI Juddering when Accelerating When Engine is COLD!

    I have a A3 SB 170 2.0TDI Black edition judderscelerating When the Engine is COLD! its all of a sudden I was driving and after 2 miles the car was struggling to accelerate when I give it some acceleration it judders over 2k revs. I did notice an orange coil light appear when this was happning...
  12. Daniel Gorton

    Audi S1 5th and 6th gear pull?

    Hi, I'm looking at getting a 2016 audi S1 on lease through my business and I'm loving everything about the car but so far haven't found a garage that will let me test drive at my age. The specs are really impressive and was just interested how well the car pulls in 5th and 6th gear at low...