1. bruckoosk

    B10F000 - function limitation due to compressor switch-off by engine

    B10F000 - function limitation due to compressor switch-off by engine Found out about this on OBDeleven A3 1.6 tdi 2017 sedan facelift Does anyone knows what it is?
  2. Rid

    Intermittent Aircon

    Hi All Aircon ECON light came on & stopped working, I found it had both Low & High Pressure faults, cleared those and still no joy. Got it re-gassed and compressor wouldn't start up, so the guy couldn't complete it & he recommended I change the pressure sensor. After fitting new sensor, back...
  3. Craig hopkins

    A/C problems, I'm lost.

    Hi all, I've never been able to get my A/C to work on my 2002 1.9tdi AWX, first time it was due to the high pressure sensor being bad which I replaced but it had been emptied of refrigerant so couldn't test it. Had it filled up the other day and econ light now stays off (no high pressure...
  4. B

    Air Conditioning Compressor question

    Hi There I have a 2006 A4 2.0tdi, the air conditioning does not work. I thought it just needed gassing but when I took it to be gassed they said the system had been done and it had no leaks, but it was not cooling. The garage seemed to think its more than likely the compressor gone. Ive got a...
  5. CheeseGrater89

    A/C Problems.. Please help!

    Hi All, I'm trying to diagnose a fault within my A/C, but first some background. -ECON light is always on. -Went to the local garage and asked to check pressure, do a leak test and refill. No gas in the system at all but also no leaks were detected. He did a 30min vacuum check and 2 other...