a6 avant boot

  1. Tom W

    Spare wheel / subwoofer location

    Hi, I've an A6 Avant (C8) on order and specced the space saver spare wheel. I've just read in a review the subwoofer goes in the space where the spare wheel would usually go, so I was wondering how both can be accomodated. Any Avant drivers with a spare wheel and a subwoofer? Thanks, Tom
  2. CupraDine

    Avant boot liner that works with the rails

    Hi All, Does anyone know of a good boot liner for the avant that works with the boot rails? I have the teloscopic bar and would like to keep it but all the liners I can find cover up the rails or use the tie down hooks to anchor it. Is there one that uses the tie down hooks but keeps the rest...
  3. Gjjenna

    A6 Avant (2018) Boot equipment query

    Hi, does anyone know what the circular bit of kit does in the A6 Avant (2018) boot under the floor cover (this sits where the spare wheel would normally go), Audi part number 4KO.035.914 it’s got a supply so assume it does something?