1. A

    No Sound on Drive side front and back

    Hi All So I have recently had to get an amp off ebay for my Audi A5 which has a B&O system. My AMP had died. I have now fitted my AMP from Ebay and have sound, However the sound I have is only on all of the passenger side. I do not have any on the drivers side front or back. I have been...
  2. Hakan Kilic

    2017 A5 Coupe Mirror Dip

    Hi Guys, After owning a 2011 Golf MK6 for 3.5 years, i got very used to/dependent on the mirror down feature, I recently got my A5 and Ive been told that the mirror dip feature only comes with the folding mirrors package, is there any way I can get this on my car, I've heard a lot of good...
  3. M

    Which engine should I go for?

    Hi guys, I’m currently looking for an A5 to replace my Fiesta ST in the next couple of weeks. I’m down to two options: a 62 plate monsoon grey S-Line 3.0 TDI with 92000 and 3 previous owners, or a 14 plate white SE Technik 2.0 TDI with 80000 and 1 previous owner. Which of these would you say I...
  4. S

    Exhaust tips

    Just wondering if anyone has fitted any after market exhaust tips? Mine are just the steel ones and I don't think it gives the right finish to a nice car so looking for recommendations. They're going to be going on a 2009 2.0 tfsi quattro.
  5. S

    Exhaust tips

    Just wondering if anyone has bought any aftermarket tips. Mine doesn't have any at the moment and with the oil burning issue they are black as night so just want to add some chrome ones to give the car the look it should have.
  6. S

    Roof bars

    Anyone ever fitted roof bars to an a5 coupe? Where do they go?
  7. S

    A5 ami port

    Can anyone tell me how I find out if my car has this and if it does where it will be? It's a 2009 a5 s line quattro. Has a CD multichanger in the glovebox where I believe the ami port would be but I can't spot it anywhere... not sure if I'm blind or stupid or both.
  8. S

    Tyre Pressure Suggestions

    Can anyone suggest some tyre pressures for me. I'm running 255/35/19 on a 2009 2.0tfsi quattro with the sports suspension. I've got them quite high at the moment for economy but am noticing the front tyres scrubbing at low speeds so wondered if anyone has experience with tyre pressures and cam...
  9. S

    New to Audi

    So here I am. First time owning an audi and I've gone for a 2009 A5 2.0 tfsi S line quattro in Aruba blue with pearl effect. Loving the car so far but wishing I'd done a little more research first as tomorrow it goes to the garage to start the oil consumption test as it's going through 2 litres...
  10. Slice636

    Audi A5 preface-lift led retrofit Coding

    Hi, I’ve recently just retrofitted pre-facelift led to my a5 which was fitted with halogen rear lights. There’s not a clear website or forum with the specific coding and since it annoyed me a little I thought I’d put the coding into here because of the fact we’re all here to help one another...
  11. Darren Bartlett

    20x10 wheels?

    Looking at getting 20x10 wheels all round as I have a Quattro. Ive lowered my car and now sure if they will go, I don't want to turn full lock and take out the wing! Can anyone relate to this.
  12. AudiTom

    A5 2009 facelift conversion

    I see people online doing pre facelift to facelift conversions. doesn't this cost a lot of money? what would you need to do it? Bumper Wings Bonnet Lights? coding needed? will the panels fit the old car easily ? just wondering anyway quite like my pre facelift
  13. J

    I need advice on a exhaust build

    Hi guys! I am new to this site but I am so happy that I found it! At the current moment I am drviving a 2013 Audi A5 2.0 TDI coupe. So down to the gritty details. I still have the standard exhaust on the car but recently I have come across a good buy. One of my friends is selling a custom...
  14. kriskross

    yesterday was a good day, now some questions.

    so just picked this up yesterday.. i love it 2008... 3.0tdi quattro... 60k on clock fsh... couple of things: memory card for music: what is the maximum i can put in, tried sandisck 16gb and it wouldnt work... bluetooth: it doesnt have the sat nav controlls so does that not mean i cant...