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    Audi Lowering springs question

    Hi there, I’m currently looking to lower my 2014 B8.5 Audi A5 2.0tdi fwd coupe on some H&R lowering springs, in terms of the axle weight mine is 1020kg however I’ve a mate who has a set of hr springs 29059 for the same car but with the front axle load starting from 1100kg, does anyone know if...
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    Wanted WANTED A5 facelift 8t bonnet and headlights

    WANTED A5 facelift 8t bonnet and xenon headlights, hi all as above i require the facelift 2012 plus headlights and bumper can collect if not to far from heathrow-
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    What type of alloys do I have?

    Hi, Got my 2015 black ed plus about 7/8 month ago. More out of Curiosity than anything else but I think the alloys arnt the normal ones to go on this model. Am I right? If so does anyone know what these alloys are called?
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    2019 A5 Black Edition interior lighting

    Hello, first time on here so forgive me if this topic has been done before. I'm just about to sign up for a 2019 A5 Black Edition. When I viewed the car at the dealership (in daylight) I could only see ambient lighting behind the interior door handles. I know the car hasn't got the extended LED...
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    2008 audi a5 coupe suspencion

    Hello. Im new to this group. Im looking to do some upgrades for my a5 2.7 tdi (fwd). What and how have you done to your coupe?
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    Mystery Connectors in the 2016 2.0T’s engine bay?

    I’d like to do my own maintenance on my 2016 A5 for fun. So far I’ve done an oil change and a new pollen filter and now it’s time for new spark plugs and engine air filter. I’ve got the tools and the beers ready to go, but am puzzled by the 8 little connectors in this pic. They’re the black...