a4 cabriolet b7

  1. mr_pepps

    Wanted A4 2.0T cabriolet (2007)

    Hi, I'm looking for an A4 2.0T cabriolet in black. The equipment wish list is as follows: Cruise control Fully electric heated seats If anyone knows of such a car for sale please let me know. I'm based in Kent but will travel for the right car. Thanks all, Julian
  2. D

    A4 Electric Seat Issue

    hi all I have an issue with both electric seats on my A4 Convertable 2007 I can move seats forwards and backwards, head rests on both sides go up and down, however I have no recline or height adjustment on either side and both stopped at the same time. I can hear a click as I operate both...
  3. A

    A4 Cabriolet B7 Roof Remote Key

    Hello Everyone, I am new on this forum and I drive an A4 Cabriolet B7 (2007 reg). I want to know If anyone has got the adaptation value for the VCDs to program the roof to open with the remote key, or if the only way to have that installed is with an extra module?
  4. mymatedave

    Audi Bluetooth Retofit A4 Cabrio

    Hi all, I've recently bought an A4 cabrio B7 2006 it has an RNS-E mrk 1 with Bose fitted but no bluetooth. Im thinking of fitting an Audi bluetooth unit in, apart from needing to get the Vcds coding done, Im confident to fit it myself. ebay link After looking at the car i found that it...
  5. A

    EPS Light comes on intermittently

    Hi, I had this issue with my Audi A4 Cabrio (B7) Petrol where the EPS warning light intermittently comes on after I have driven for a bit. It is more frequent in the winters than summers. I took it to the lcoal garage and they said since it is not on when I start the engine they can use the VAG...