a4 b8.5

  1. KudoWarrior

    For Sale A4 B8.5 Various internal cluster parts (vents/handles etc)

    I've listed the parts with their Audi verified OEM prices and then my price will basically be 50% off that. Condition: All OEM, USED but AS GOOD AS NEW. (No scuffs or damage that the eye can see) OEM Parts & Prices: 1 x 8K0857535E (Driver wing mirror- heated glass only) -...
  2. S

    Hi, and A little help :)

    Hi everyone, so i finally managed to trade up my 08 vectra (which had a blown turbo and a mountain of ither problems!) and i took the plunge and brought an audi (finally). It's a 2014 a4 2.0 tdi 177 quattro s line. And i have to say i love the car.... However i ran a scan on the car and its...