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  1. Mr Mohammed Janjua

    Wanted 2001 51 Reg B5 A4 1.8

    Good Afternoon Members, I am looking for a 2001 51 Reg B5 A4 1.8, in good condition. It has to be a 51 Reg because that's the only one that is ULEZ Compliant. Budget is £1000 to £1500.
  2. Scarecrow

    Cassette Box Holder

    Hello, Does anyone have any pictures of the cassette box holder for the A4 B5? I'm trying to figure out if I need to buy a new centre console if I were to buy a cassette box holder. I don't have the can holders, I just have a small cubbyhole. Also, anyone have the part no.? Cheers
  3. Kerozyne

    2000 Avant A4 Manual Lock Replacement?

    After an attempted theft of my car all my door locks are wrecked. Driver side doesnt turn, trunk lock's outer cylinder is missing, and a retarded mechanic literally cut the lock out from the passenger side and welded the metal together like a chump. I'm looking for a full lock replacement with...
  4. D

    2000 Audi A4 #B5 2.5 TDI Quattro - Wont Start (Lift Pump maybe)

    Hi All First post, so please go easy on me. My 2.5 TDI suddenly decided it was going to stop working Saturday night (@ 1am) and now wont start. Its got Diesel (even topped it up) & it cranks fine but doesnt fire up. At first i thought it might be the key (as its pretty tatty)/immobilizer...
  5. ivica

    b5 1.8t coil issue

    checked spark plugs then after car has been running rough like on 3 cylinders but its normal when idling. i got new plugs and still the same issue
  6. pilla

    Quick question regarding A4 front control arms fitting an S4

    Will the front upper control arms on an A4 B5 fit an S4 B5? Theres an A4 in the breakers with 4 good arms and 3 of mine are knackered. Will they physically fit? If i buy them i cant return them. Thanks in advance.
  7. B5-PJ

    side sill covers

    does anyone know where i can get the side sill covers for my b5 avant item 16 Audi want £94 each
  8. B5-PJ

    Boost Issues 1.9tdi

    Hi guys/gals have a little problem with my diesel, when i get to 3500/4000 rpm in 1st & 5th my car seems to loose all boost, in all gears like its in limp home mode, switch it of and on and it will boost again, been told it may be the boost controller. Anyone else had this issue, common problem...