a4 2.0tfsi

  1. Quattro_formaggio

    Help Please Water under driver's side carpet, need to remove dash panel!

    Hi all, Apologies if there is already a post on this but everything I find relates to the common issue with the sunroof. Car is an '09 A4 (B8) Avant S-line 2.0 tfsi quattro with NO sunroof. I've got what is now a slow water leak into the cabin. On a squelchy rear footwell being reported by our...
  2. Matthew Harrison

    Another problem- ECU Replacement

    :grumpy:Another month another issue with my 2020 A4 45TFSI So I was having error messages up for the last few weeks... ‘drive system fault, contact workshop’ But turning the ignition off and on again cleared it..... (I was notifying Audi also) Then it happened whilst driving, and made the car...
  3. E

    2015 Audi A4 B8 With NAV: Need Help Finding Retrofit Virtual Cockpit

    Hello. I'm new here. this is my first Audi and I just wanna have some fun on the car. I'm not too sure which virtual cockpits/instrument clusters I can have fitted in place of the standard one in my car. I have attached a photo of the one i currently have. Additionally, I did a lot of research...
  4. J

    Audi A4 2.0tfsi Black Edition Quattro Advice Needed!

    I’m after some advice if anyone can help, I’m looking at buying a 2014 Audi A4 2.0tfsi Black Edition Quattro. Seen a very nice looking example on auto trader. I’m just after some advice on reliability, things to look out for and common issues? If someone could shed some light for me!
  5. M


    Hi all, wondering if anyone could help, I'm getting ready to install sub and amp in my a4 cab, I was wondering if anyone could help with access through the firewall for the power cable? Is there a grommet that comes out anywhere close to the battery? Hope someone can help. Thanks
  6. K

    Wanted A4 B8 2.0L TFSI RHD Quattro - High Flow Downpipe or exhaust

    Hi, I am looking for an A4 B8 2.0L TFSI RHD Quattro - High Flow Downpipe or exhaust. Be interested to see what’s available. Thanks Matt
  7. Sid2go

    Gathering info for a ko4 build

    Hello, I would like to boost the performance of my a4 2.0tfsi BUL quattro. my goal is to get around 300bhp (like everyone else that has been posting) I understand that upgrading the hpfp you dont need to map it which gives me time to book it in for a remap. But what about upgrading to s3 and a...
  8. M

    2007 B7 cab front speakers size?

    Hi guys hope somebody can help shed some light as I cannot find anything on this around the net, currently upgrading my front door speakers and rear panel speakers they are the crappy blaupunkt ones. Changed the rears to vibes which was 6.5 inch but the front speakers seem bigger. Am I right in...
  9. TTE Si


    AUDI A4 B8.5 B9, A5 B8.5 B9 A6 2.0 TSI/TFSI TTE440L 2.0 TSI EA888.3 UPGRADE TURBOCHARGER VAG 2.0 EA888.3 MQB TTE440L UPGRADE TURBOCHARGER TTE440L is our very latest hybrid performance upgrade turbocharger based on the Original IHI turbocharger for the 3rd generation VAG 2.0TSI found in...
  10. M

    2007 A4 Convertible Roof Problem

    Hi guys, first post so hopefully I'm in the right place. Currently having a bit of a headache with my convertible roof. First it would only open a few inches sorted that with a new motor, now the roof starts to fold up as it should but the rear deck lid wont open for the roof to fold into. No...
  11. Matthew Harrison

    Exhaust for a MY2020 45TFSI

    Hi, has anyone looked at swapping the exhaust on the MY2020 A4 45TFSI? is this still classed as a B9 or a B9.5...im so confused now. anyway...as it turns out, there's 4 'silencers' in them now...! i went to have my centre resonator delete done, and has now been removed. but turns out....made...
  12. Sid2go

    Who is recommended for stage 2+ map for 2.0tfsi quattro

    Trying to find a reputable garage (like r-tech) who has a 4 wheel drive dyno that can remap my 2.0tfsi a4 b7 quattro in the westmidlands area. unfortunately r-tech only remap fwd or vag vehicles that have the haldex system. Anyone with experience and cost of remap? also which manufacture...
  13. R

    Wanted a4 avant 2.0/3.2 Quattro

    Please message me if you are looking to sell. Ideally lower tax bracket (325 or less) Less than 90k miles, good service history / receipts. No known issues. Thanks
  14. L

    2005 A4 B7 2.0 TFSi quattro seized engine - is this goodbye?

    Hello everyone, It was cold and dark when the oil pressure warning came on and I took the risk. I know, I know. Poor car got me home, but only just. The engine won’t turn over, so I’m pretty sure it’s terminal. Have spoken to my trusty mechanic who doesn’t think it’s worth replacing the engine...
  15. Cameron.Brock

    New guy

    Hi all new to the group I’ve got a a4 b8 dynamik edition I’ve had it about 3 years done a few cosmetic mods window tints light tints and the grill looking to fully black out the car and then more on to the engine. I’ve got a few questions that I’m hoping to find on here so here a pic of it and...
  16. A

    What would you value my car at?

    Hi, I bought this car needing a new water pump for a stupidly low price, I've replaced it plus a few other bits and I am now looking to sell it. What should I be roughly asking for it? Audi A4 '53 2.0 FSI Automatic New timing belt water pump tyres plus 12 months MOT Thanks for any help :)
  17. A

    A4 Radiator Replacement Issue

    Hi, I'm just finishing off replacing my water pump and timing belt, but trying to replace the transmission and water lines on my radiator has halted me in my tracks. Trying to get the water lines off took me half a day and a LOT of swearing, so there must be a technique to getting them back on...
  18. A

    Just bought this little (well...big...) beauty of a A4 Estate

    Just bought this for £250 because it has a leaky fuel pump, heard they are a bit annoying to change as you have to dismantle the front of the car, but still... £250!? gotta be worth a go. If you have any advice about issues or common problems, please let me know, thanks :)
  19. S

    Looking for b8.5 honeycomb grill for A4 (rs4 style)

    I've been searching everywhere and have not been able to find a honeycomb grill for my b8.5 A4 (that ships to Canada), does anyone know of a place to get one and has a link if possible? thanks!
  20. G3MZY

    2.0 Tfsi Oil Pressure Problem

    Hoping someone has come across this before and can point me in the right direction, I'll try and keep it short but bare with me.... I have the 2.0 Tfsi 220bhp BUL (114,000 miles) engine and have an intermittent error reference the oil Pressure. I was driving the other night and it came up on...