a3 tfsi

  1. Adamski_A3

    Weird noise on start up

    Hi Recently took ownership of a 2010 1.8TFSI A3 Sportback and I have this weird noise it gives on start up. I did a bit of a Google and saw a few saying its quite common, but its still bugging me so thought I'd ask here for any other comments. I've got a recording which isn't the best but gives...
  2. TDents84

    Have any of you had experience with Audi approved used warranties?

    Hi Gang, I own a 2009 A3 with just 25k on the clock and recently it's developed an annoying niggle. If the car has been parked, even a short length of time, I hear, and feel, a very dull clunk as I move the steering wheel. This goes away as soon as the car is in motion but then occasionally...
  3. L

    A3 (2014) cannot change lights from right hand drive to left

    Please help , I bought my a3 Tfsi a friend who drove it in Germany, she said that I needed to configure the headlights for driving on the left. She did not remember how she did this. I have worked my way through the mmi system and cannot find how to do this. On vehicle settings, I found...