a3 8l

  1. G

    Every spark plug fouled and gas economy of 160km per tank

    Hello everybody, i want to start by saying i'm new here and thanking you in advance for your knowledge, suggestions and opinions. I have an Audi A3 8L 2005 with AGU engine and about 100.000kms, i have bought it about a year ago but after a complete gearbox overhaul (not performed by me) and...
  2. MPH

    Further Useful information/manuals for the A3/8L platform PDF format

    :icon thumright: These should come in useful to some peeps :thumbs up: I have more but the file size is too large for the site even under compression
  3. Aaronm067

    Engine MIL inoperative or indicates a malfunction ( (g))

    Hello everyone, I have an A3 8L 1.9Tdi with the AGR engine and it’s failed it’s MOT on the above. I’ve honestly never noticed it on my car and after reading an article online about an 8P not being fitted with an engine check light I’m hoping that this is the same for my car. can anyone shed...
  4. Painted Engine Cover AGN A3 8L

    Painted Engine Cover AGN A3 8L

  5. AGN Engine Cover Complete

    AGN Engine Cover Complete

  6. Final Coat AGN Engine Cover

    Final Coat AGN Engine Cover

  7. First Coat

    First Coat

  8. First Coat

    First Coat

  9. AGN Engine Cover Upol Acid 8

    AGN Engine Cover Upol Acid 8

    Etch Primer
  10. AGN Engine cover

    AGN Engine cover

    Beforehand light fill and sand
  11. Key Upgrades

    Key Upgrades

  12. LEOopasni2709

    I need help with A3 8L 1996 new rims and tires setup.

    Hello everyone, I am going to put Vogtland suspension kit and new rims on my A3 8L 90hp 1.9TDI. I currently run 195/65/15 tire with 15" 6J which will now become my winter set. I found some rims already and I am thinking between 17" 7.5J or 17" 8J. On 7.5J I would go with 215/45/17 tires, and...
  13. Engine Bay

    Engine Bay

  14. Let there be Light

    Let there be Light

    Now i can see and be seen
  15. A3 8L

    A3 8L

    1997 A3 8L
  16. Engine Bay

    Engine Bay

  17. 0

    Aftermarket Radio Head Unit won't power up

    Hello everyone, I have checked other threads and watched as many youtube tutorials as I could find and was still unable to find the help I need. I recently bought an 01/2003 Audi A3 8l, which sadly only had a cassette player in it, of course I wanted to upgrade to one with at least a...
  18. Aaronm067

    Central locking issues :/

    Hello, I’m new here since last night and since then I have been reading a lot of posts but not seeing one like mine so hopefully someone can very kindly help me. So, I bought a 1999 v reg Audi A3 8L and found that the central locking pump (code- 8L0 862 257 “L”) wasn’t working along with the...
  19. C

    2002 A3 8L APG mods

    Okay. Sorry if these are already answered but I can't find the answers anywhere. I'm looking into doing a few things short term, - Bigger/Better brakes - Coilovers - Rims - Exhaust And long term, of course is always turbo. Can anyone point me in the right direction for these? I can't...
  20. M

    strange noise sounds like an air rade tanoid

    Hi all I was wondering if anybody could help me. I have a 2002 audi a3 1.8t quattro and when I started it this morning it was making an awful noise which I can only describe as almost the same sound as a air rade siren and when I revv her up the noise gets louder! The turbo sounds like it's...