a3 1.6tdi

  1. Ertdes

    AUDI A3 8P 1.6 TDI Intermittent High Idle

    Hi everyone, Background I have an AUDI A3 1.6 TDI 2010 (8PA), 126K mileage. Last year, it was overheating and so was driven without a thermostat for approx. 6 months until the cause was identified and fixed (it was the heater matrix which was replaced alongside the heater matrix connecting...
  2. P

    Drive Select A3 8V Disappeared!

    Hello! My drive select disappeared when turn of car. I changed gateway (version 1126 Index J) to my a3 8v, remove cp and charge SVM. Everything was ok, working, until turn ignition off. When i turn inigition on again, drive select was disappeared. Help me!
  3. F

    A3 8P DPF No Longer Regenerating

    Hi people. 2011 1.6 TDI A3 8P Been having no end of problems with my DPF over the last month or so. It started about a couple months when my car went into limp mode after the DPF light had been on for a couple days - I got a technician to come out and force regen it to which the light...
  4. W

    A1 steering wheel fit to A3 2014?

    Was just wondering if I could fit an a1 steering wheel to my 2014 A3 (the a1 is same age). Any help would be good thank you! (Both steering wheels have same buttons)
  5. Audi-12332!

    B101804 Rear Side Airbag Crash Sensor (on driver side) Defective

    Hello, I'm new to the website/forum. Recently purchased a Audi a3 8v 2014 and I've got an issue with my airbag light. I took it to a garage and they ran diagnostics and got the following code - B101804. Something to do with driver side 2nd row sensor? Didn't get much else information from the...
  6. C

    Sound that is driving me bonkers!

    Hi guys, Desperately need your help before I loose my marbles I have an A3 8V 1.6 tdi, 38K miles on the clock. There seems to be some sort of chattering/knocking noise when taking off in 1st and 2nd gear, and on a cold start, once the engine heats its seems to disappear. My main concern is...
  7. V

    Audi A3 seat upgrade (seats from audi q2)

    Hello all, i was looking for a seat upgrade to my A3 and havent been able to find any sline spec A3 seats. I Found some audi q2 leather seats(no heating,manual controls). Will these seats just slide in or will some modifications need to be made?
  8. MikeBoiii286

    Hello From Ireland - A3 8V S-Line Scuba Blue

    Hey Everyone, Just giving a quick hello to the group as a new Audi owner :tongueout: Looking forward to adding a few things to it and a remap to it down the line. Next on my list is to add an RS3 style honeycomb grill.. Audi A3 2014 1.6TDI S-Line
  9. Aidan1256

    sudden loss of power at low rpm

    hi all, i have a 2010 a3 sportback 1.6 tdi and a new issue as come up, i was driving through town at low rpm and the car suddenly looses all power and starts jerking back and forward like im trying to bump start it, tried to accelerate and the car lost all revs and cut out. i restarted it and it...
  10. R

    A3 1.6TDI - Glow plug light flashing and engine management light on

    Hi All, I have a 65 reg Audi A3 1.6TDI with around 40,000 miles on the clock. The glow plug light is flashing and the engine management light has now come on. The Start/Stop system also has a fault and comes up with the following: Automatic start/stop: system fault! Function unavailable The...
  11. Mickykiko

    Wheel fitment size A3 saloon 1.6tdi 2014 sports suspension

    I'm not educated enough in these sort of things, but was looking to change the wheels on my car to either 18s or 19s and wondering what offset and width would be efficient without the wheels rubbing etc New to this and would greatly appreciate any help
  12. KevinS38L

    Dsg clutch replacement

    Whilst driving the family wagon A3 1.6.tdi (DSG) 2014 s line saloon, this week i felt she had been in need of some attention. There is a very noticeable strong judder though the steering wheel when pulling away. A horrible grinding noice when braking and coming to a stop like the pads are down...
  13. Sammisano

    New to the Audi game - 8v 3dr

    Hi all, I picked up my A3 last Friday after parting with my MiTo (first car). First impressions are that it’s so comfortable and a real upgrade from the MiTo. Any tips for a new owner?
  14. M

    Hi, need some help with my Audi

    Hi, I've changed my Audi A3 (2013 1.4 TFSI 8V) steering wheel. My issue is that my buttons aren't working. I'm just wondering, is this something I can fix or does it have to be like this? The steering wheel was changed from the Audi A3 normal steering wheel with shield air bag, and all MMI...
  15. SM18


    Hi all, just wondering peoples thoughts on Eurocarparts? Since owning the wife’s Audi A3 always bought genuine service parts and serviced my self (have a vat registered company with a workshop) so not an every day car mechanic but deal with trucks etc. I’ve used Eurocarparts before and got...
  16. yoyobang

    Wanted A3 RNS-E

    Hello! I want to buy a RNS-E for my Audi A3. It must be MK2 (193G). I am from Slovenia (postage) thanks
  17. Harry P

    A3 sline rear bumper conversion

    hello, I’m after any information as I recently got a 66 plate Audi A3 s like 1.6 tdi sport back 5 door, facelift. I really want to convert the exhaust to a s3 and also the rear bumper is this possible, or is it a lot of work. Any one have any input on this. Thanks. Harry
  18. P.C.K

    [A3-8P3] Grille and Headlight help.

    Hello guys, new account but I've been lurking around here for quite a while. Wanted to ask about the old and tried question of the RS grille and better headlamps. Hopefully this can also be helpful for other people as a bunch of the other threads that I found were very old. I looked at the...
  19. Steve M...

    Rear Parking Sensors VCDS Tweak...

    Hi Guys, I’ve just taken delivery of my NEW A3 30 Tdi Sportback S-line S-tronic and realised that the rear parking sensors don’t supply a visual from the MMI unit. I’ve seen from the forums that this can actually be achieved from a tweak by someone in the know. This was a quote from one of the...
  20. ksbezz

    Audi a3 8v (tail light upgrade from halogen to PFL led)

    Hey. I could use some help and som guideance. I want to upgrade my tail lights, on my audi a3 8v from 2014 sedan. I have halogen now, and i like the PFL led tail light (not with dynamic) Does anyone have a guide or a link for some cables or a diagram DIY? And does it need to be coded afterwards...