a3 1.6

  1. H

    Audi A3 Engine Swap Advice

    Good day, I have an Audi A3 1.6 2005 plate and have been thinking of engine swapping a 2.0 TFSI into it, to not only make the car faster but also Stage 1 and possibly Stage 2 it afterwards. Price of engine swapping a 2.0tfsi would be £1,700, by a Auto Engines UK, based by Rainham. I’m just...
  2. R

    Need help with exhaust

    I currently own a Audi A3 2007 1.6 petrol, I want to put on a s3 back box or exhaust. want to know if it will fit straight on or do I need to do other stuff?
  3. Dannyjp97

    HAS MY Audi A3 Got a Turbo

    Hi Guys, This might sound Stupid but I just wanna know. I brought a 2 litre Audi A3 FSI S LINE 2006 on Saturday, But I’m getting Confused about the difference between Tfsi and fsi So the question is does my car have a turbo or not cheers.
  4. S

    Halogen to Bi-Xenon 2015 A3

    Hi All, I have tried researching this with not much luck. I would love to add Bi-Xenon with Led DRL to my A3 sport Halogen pre facelift. Can anyone point me in the right direction as I am left scratching my head with this.
  5. timbabz

    2010 A3 Technik aux in iPod issues

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the aux input on an Audi A3 Sportback technik. It’s the version where the aux is located by the handbrake under a small cap. I have a concert 2+ double din with Bose and single CD. No sat nav etc. I have tried a couple of 2015 iPod...
  6. R

    Blueish Exhuast Smoke, Juddering Engine, Revs up down

    Hi I am hoping maybe the community can help clear up in my mind what may be wrong with my car. A3 1.6TDI 2011 Now I have had this issue for a while... every few months my car exhaust will smoke badly with light blueish smoke, my rev counter needle is juddering, I can hear the engine juddering...
  7. Harry P

    Wanted 8v PARTS WANTED

    Hi everyone I have a 5 door s line facelift Sportback and I am looking for a s3 rear diffuser to fit. I'm assuming ill be needing a 2016 and onwards diffuser so if anyone has one for sale or knows any one could you let me know! preferably Cheshire or Shropshire area. thank you.
  8. zbender

    Brain explosion. What is the PDF called with the diagrams and part numbers in it?

    Hello fellow enthusiasts, What is the name, please, of the PDF that has page after page of every single part of the 8L A3 in exploded diagram style, with all the part numbers, etc? I know I have it somewhere on my computer, but I can't find it, remember what is called, or anything. I have it...
  9. yoyobang

    Upgrading radio

    Hello! I want to upgrade my Audi A3 concert radio to RNS-E. Can someone tell me if you need to do something else (wires, aerial ...) beside changing it, or you can just unlpug old one, and put in new one? Someone told me that additional wires and changes are required. Thanks
  10. yoyobang

    Cornering light

    Hello! Is it possible to make fog light or any other light turn on in corners on my Audi A3 8p sportback (2011). I know some cars have this by default, but my A3 doesn't ... Is this normal or is there a way to do it. Thanks
  11. Emir Demirovski

    My A3 won't Start ! Please help

    So i have installed an aftermarket stereo for the car by a shop. But i didn't like the way it sounded so i connected the wires back like they have been from factory. Everything was working fine until i removed the positive from the battery to remove the + cables for the amps. When i put the...
  12. sbux1

    Ignition Coil Replacement - Any DIY guide for 1.6 Petrol?

    Out of the blue today, my A3 (1.6 petrol 2008 8P) started running lumpy and juddering at low speed. Engine light came on, joined with the ABS light.. Called RAC who confirmed it was an intermittent fault and that the coil pack, HD leads and spark plugs would need replacing. There are a few...
  13. C

    Will this diagnostic cable work with my A3

  14. Joe Norman


    Hoping someone can help me I have a 58 plate 1.6 a3 all the windows except the drivers windows work when you press the window button you can hear the sound of a motor click but it’s not doing anything any ideas what could be wrong
  15. SM18

    Poor night time vision

    Audi A3 8v Got standard halogen bulbs, but my god vision is terrible at night, can leave on main beam struggling to see and oncoming cars don’t even notice I’m on main beam. Any upgrade bulbs recommended? Not fused what colour just want good vision. My 58 plate mk5 golf had h7 bulbs (I...
  16. O

    Hi all. New to the site. Looking for an a3 grill

    Hi there I have an Audi A3 s-line and am looking for a Honeycombe, RS3 style grill. It’s a 1.6 2007 model. I’d like the removable licence plate holder but cannot find one in stock suitable for an S-line model. I’ve found this, however it is out of stock...
  17. C

    a3 8p1 steering rack part number

    hi guys my a3 has suffered the dreaded steering rack failure. its a 53 plate 1.6 petrol and im looking to replace the rack. i tried having it refurbed but it couldnt be done as it was too badly gone(processor failure) so i need another. can anyone tell me what part number will fit mine and yes i...
  18. tele2050

    Front Passenger Side Window Noise/Squeak

    Good Afternoon to everyone :salute: Lately my front passenger side windows makes a weird squeaky noise every time when closing, no sound when opening. anyone else who has experienced this or any advise on how to fix this please. Last few days i have noticed it to be louder, also i noted that...
  19. Hatefulfinch

    Just got a 2011 A3, need advice on cleaning kit

    Just got myself a black 2011 A3 Sportback and I love it. It's my fourth car, but the first I actually like! It's in great condition and want to keep it like that. I've been looking at all the cleaning and detailing kit that's out there, but I'm a bit lost. I have all the following on my list...
  20. Hatefulfinch

    Help with iPod setup

    Just got myself a 2011 A3 Sportback and discovered it has an iPod connector in the glove box. This is great as I have an old iPod Classic that works with it. The setup is kinda stupid though. The interface with the standard radio sucks. If I got an iPod cable extender (like this) that runs from...