a3 1.4 tfsi

  1. M

    2014 Audi A3 1.4 TFSI Petrol Manual

    Hi from a new owner of Audi A3 1.4 TFSI Petrol 2014
  2. S

    Audi A3 8v 1.4TFSI 150 odd engine sound

    Apologies if this exists elsewhere but i have looked around and cant seem to find anything... I recently just bought a 2016 Audi a3 post facelift 1.4 tsfi 150 with 30k miles. Loving the car so far however the engine seems to make an odd noise when cursing at 30-40mph at roughly 1500 to 1800...
  3. wolfiebrah

    Is it possible to retrofit Virtual Cockpit to AUDI A3 E-TRON 8V 2015 3X S-LINE?

    Hi! I'd like to know if it's possible to retrofit to a 2015 AUDI A3 E-Tron a virtual cockpit with E-Tron modes (Battery Percentage etc etc.). And if yes how, or where I can get one VC for E-Tron. Thanks!
  4. T

    EPC and Check Engine Light Came on and went off

    Hello, I have 2014 A3 1.4T DSG and today it throws EPC light again, I've tried to restart the car just couple times and Check Engine light came on as well. After driving it for few miles to home without any power loss, I restarted the car again couple times and first nothing, second EPC (no...
  5. J

    System Update/MMI Update

    Hi All, I have very recently joined the Audi club, by getting an A3 S line 2016, with virtual cockpit. First of all, I wanted to check if the MMI system was up to date and if not then update it if it is not on the latest version. I have had a look on here and other sites about doing this...
  6. Christian Chesworth

    A3 grill confusion

    Hi I have recently bought a Audi A3 2016 3dr sport (pre facelift) I am trying to buy a new front grill for the car as I prefer the look of the honeycomb one When I am looking for them all the ones for sale state that they are s-line Does this mean they won’t fit the standard A3 grill?
  7. Christian Chesworth

    Front grill help!

    Hi I have a Audi A3 2016 3dr sport (pre facelift) I am trying to purchase a new front grill and fog light covers however it’s very confusing on which parts fit my car. I have seen a front grill that I like but it says that it is for the s-line model. Would this still fit my normal sport...
  8. DLH21

    A3 2015 8V air conditioning issue

    Hi everyone, 2015 1.4tfsi A3. I noticed this week that the air conditioning is not coming on when I press the AC switch and have now learned that I probably should have been running it all year round which is news to me but lesson learnt! When I press the air conditioning button, the light...
  9. Varun Patrick

    Open Air Filter Through Empty 'stock' Filter Box

    I own an Audi A3 1.4 TFSi (125HP) and I am currently looking to switch out the stock air filter for an open air filter system. I have searched through many forums and pages but have not been able to find an answer to this question: Is it alright to remove the stock air filter from the filter...
  10. B_Elbon

    New A3 PFL - Recommended Changes

    Hi Guys, I've recently purchased my first ever Audi - a 2016 A3 1.4 TFSI (125bhp) and am loving it so far. Having had a look through the forum I've seen some very impressive modifications that some people have made to their cars - so my question is what changes would you recommend from stock...
  11. F

    Parking Sensors FF 8P1 Sport to 8P2 Hatchback. Possible?

    Hi. I have a 54 Sportback 2.0 TDI with factory fitted rear parking sensors. Sadly it was written off by the bf last month. So now I have a lovely 1.4 TFSI S-Line Hatchback and wondered if I can fit the parking sensors from the TDI straight across or if there would be any snags. Thanks
  12. R

    Folding Mirrors - Suggestion Please

    Hi could you please advise me on any places / contacts that you would recommend can do a good job to get folding side mirrors installed on my 2014 A3. pain having to fold them in myself . near/around Reading.
  13. M

    Hi, need some help with my Audi

    Hi, I've changed my Audi A3 (2013 1.4 TFSI 8V) steering wheel. My issue is that my buttons aren't working. I'm just wondering, is this something I can fix or does it have to be like this? The steering wheel was changed from the Audi A3 normal steering wheel with shield air bag, and all MMI...
  14. A

    Lowering springs

    I have an A3 Sport 1.4 TFSI 122 hatchback 8V pfl. I’m looking to buy Eibach Pro lowering springs but I want to make sure I get the right ones as there’s so many variants. Axle loads on my VIN plate are 1- 920kg and 2- 930kg. According to Demon Tweeks, Eibach EIBE10-15-021-01-22 will fit in...
  15. Myfirstaudia3

    New Audi owner Glovebox unit Navigation MMI

    Hi I’m new to the world of Audi and im really confused by the MMI & the unit I have in the glove box. I really wanted to have Navigation enabled in my A3 but Audi want £495 to get it done. Is there any other way without so much cost? Can anyone tell me what the unit in the glove box is for...
  16. A

    Spoiler cap

    Hello, I have an A3 8V Sport (not S-Line). I’m looking for a spoiler cap. Many have recommended Maxton’s but it’s for S-Line models only and I can’t find any anywhere for non-S-Line models. I’m wondering if anyone has discovered anywhere that sell them for this model? Or if there are any for...
  17. Harry P

    S3 diffuser

    I got my s3 diffuser today however there is a trim peace round the top of the diffuser that covers holes etc. I’m not sure where to find this or what is is called also when looking for a diffuser it seemed they where always taken off, I was hoping someone could give me some more information on...
  18. Harry P

    Wanted 8v PARTS WANTED

    Hi everyone I have a 5 door s line facelift Sportback and I am looking for a s3 rear diffuser to fit. I'm assuming ill be needing a 2016 and onwards diffuser so if anyone has one for sale or knows any one could you let me know! preferably Cheshire or Shropshire area. thank you.
  19. V6_Man

    PFL A3 8V Sportback - Rear Suspension Question

    Hi folks, I am about to purchase Eibach Pro kit for my A3 8V (PFL Sportback) and have been asked if I have independent or dependent rear suspension. I have taken a few pics and was wondering if there was another easier way of finding which one I would have. Would appreciate help/suggestions...
  20. P

    A3 Sline Amalfi White with Black Mirrors and Wheels

    I have a standard Audi A3 Sline 1.4 in amalfi white. Currently getting some repairs done and haven toying with the idea of wrapping my mirrors in black and powder coating standard Sline wheels in black. Has anyone done this and have pics as can’t see any online. Thanks for help Paul