8v sportback

  1. A

    First time S3 owner advice

    hi guys, first time poster and S3 owner. recently purchased a 66 plate facelift S3 and so far things are going OK, other than intermittent faults with the cruise control, Auto start stop and a shift to P electronics warning that keeps poking its head now and then. (getting some fault codes read...
  2. MuzzyT

    A3 2.0 TFSi Engine thoughts?

    Hi all, I'm in the process of waiting to pick up an A3 2.0 TFSI 2018 S line in daytona grey pearl. The unfortunate thing is that due to covid, test drives are not allowed from all dealers atm. The car I am waiting to pick up is 150 miles away and there are hardly any 2.0TFSi's on the market...
  3. ClubSandwich

    Potential RS3 Purchase - Advice Sought

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I recently test drove a Nardo Grey 2015 RS3 with 50k miles on the clock. Have been after one of these for a while but they never come up locally so was really excited to drive this when it appeared in the classifieds. It’s a faux black edition with (what I...
  4. J-Bear

    12V power supply in the boot?

    Hi! I'm currently installing a tow bar on my 2014 5D sportback and I need a constant or ignition switched 12v supply for the electronics. I was planing on using the 12V cigarette lighter socket, but unfortunately my car isn't equipped with one... However I did find something that looks like a...
  5. Tristan

    For Sale Rs3 facelift daza milltek non resonated catback exhaust.

    For sale is a milltek non resonated catback for rs3 facelift daza. Works with stock valves. Taken off a stage 2+ being put back to stock so have many engine/chassis parts of the highest quality available. 1100 or nearest for the milltek catback
  6. Tristan

    For Sale Rs3 8v DAZA Facelift Eventuri stage 3 intake and 4" turbo elbow inlet for sale

    Hi guys for sale I have an eventuri stage 3 intake. It's a monster of an intake and is a must in terms of optimising air flow at stage 2 or even better with stage 3. As well as the performance side of things, the sound of the turbo spooling and the waste gate fluttering is also enhanced in...
  7. Tristan

    For Sale Forge turbo inlet pipe/eventuri gen 1 intake for rs3 8v facelift

    Hi guys, for sale I have a forge turbo inlet pipe for 100 pounds and an eventuri gen 1 intake for 900. Both parts should be available from next week. I'm looking to go stage 3 so literally trying to oversize piping and breathing components by roughly a inch, hence why I would look to replace...
  8. R

    P0471 code on 1.6TDI

    Hi guys. An engine light has flashed up on my dash and using the code scanner I have, it comes up with a single P0471 code "Exhaust Pressure Sensor A Circuit Range/Performance". Looking up similar codes online for other VAG group cars, I have located what I believe to be the exhaust pressure...
  9. B

    S3 8v replacement service parts

    Hi all, Does anyone happen to know the part no's for the S3 8v service parts below? Which brand do Audi use? I believe the brake pads are TRW but not sure on the others. Air filter Oil filter Pollen filter Spark plugs Brake pads Brake discs Thanks
  10. Haudi.RS3

    Sportback PFL RS3 Grille with ACC

    Hi guys damaged my front grille on PFL RS3 with adaptive cruise control. I was wondering if there is any replacement for them other than going through Audi who want 1300$. Only managed to find FL grilles and ones without adaptive cruise control, 1) Can you fit a FL grille on a PFL? Thank you
  11. C

    RS3 mods fit on S3??

    Hi all, Recently bought a 2017 S3 saloon and a friend of mine has a load of mods for a RS3 that he is getting rid of. He has a catback exhaust, intercooler and induction kit that all fit his RS3 hatch, just wondering would any of if it fit on my S3 saloon?
  12. V6_Man

    PFL A3 8V Sportback - Rear Suspension Question

    Hi folks, I am about to purchase Eibach Pro kit for my A3 8V (PFL Sportback) and have been asked if I have independent or dependent rear suspension. I have taken a few pics and was wondering if there was another easier way of finding which one I would have. Would appreciate help/suggestions...
  13. PaddyMcpadington

    B&O Retrofit or new car... :(

    Hey Everyone! Probably going to hate me for asking this or even thinking it lol I currently have an Audi A3 with just the standard 8 speaker sound system which I really dislike. I've had my car for a year now and just want a bit more tech and a better sound system. I've got the options of...
  14. X

    ECU, ESC, Hill hold, Parking break errors/faults

    During Easter i went to wash the car, and following the wash while i was finishing some minor detailing while the car was idle, the engine turned off and started showing errors: ESC Fault Hill Hold Assist: Unavailable Parking Break Fault (not every time though) When trying to turn on the...
  15. V6_Man

    Audi A3 (1.4tfsi) Stronic Service

    Hi Folks, I am slightly confused so, I thought I'll check it with the most helpful lot first ... I was under the impression that like on A4,5,6 etc the Stronic box on the A3 also needs regular servicing after 38k miles. So, I booked in the car with Oxford Audi today. I just received a call...
  16. J

    A3 quad exhaust conversion

    Car - Audi A3/8V Sportback S-Line (63 Reg) 2.0TDI (150ps) Hi all, looking to convert my dual tip exhaust to the s3 style quad exhaust. Is it possible to buy the s3 diffuser to directly replace my current one? Or is it more complicated? Thanks!
  17. Ozzyy

    Exterior/interior mods A3 8v sline Sportback

    Ladies, Looking for any mods to make my sline A3 Sportback look abit sharper. Already looking at front splitter and side skirts, anything for the rear. Cheers