1. L

    Need help choosing A6

    Been looking at the 313/320 and 326hp(competition) 3.0 BiTDI. Looked alot online for information. Which engine is most reliable and has decent fuel consumption? Anything in particular to look for when choosing one. From what I have gathered they are all around 0,64L/10km. The 313hp is usually...
  2. K

    Issues with engine start 3.0tdi

    Hi all I’ve been having some issues with my 2015 A7 3.0tb I start up. I can start the car first time with no issues. If I switch the engine off and try to restart the engine, it will crank but not start the engine? If I leave the engine off for around 2/3 minutes it will start up with no...
  3. J

    Do I have the wet or dry clutch? Can somebody help me as i have slipping gears.

    I have the audi a5 3.0tdi with the 7 speed stronic box, I think i need a new clutch as the gears slip in 3rd 5th and 7th, after doing research I think its the wet clutch but cant find a clutch to buy for one of these! If anybody can shed some light and maybe a link that would be awesome, thank...
  4. Joe_Murphy21187

    For Sale A4 B7 3.0 TDI S/S Exhaust

    Cat-back 316 stainless steel custom exhaust for a 2007 Audi A4 B7 3.0TDI Cabriolet. Originally made by 'Wright Brothers Autos' in Nottingham and was used on my car for ~3 years until it was removed prior to being part exchanged. It's been hung in my garage ever since and is now getting in the...
  5. W

    DAB Aerial - Open Circuit

    Hi All, I've just purchased an A4 B8.5 3.0tdi Avant Black Edition. It's fully loaded and I'm loving it. It has a few bodywork niggles that I'm going to work my way through and 2 faults. One of which is a parking sensor which I'm on top of. The other is this: Fault Found: 02877 - Digital...
  6. Róbert Piller

    1.9TDI PD130 AVF quattro with GTB2260VK

    Hello, I currently own Audi A4 B6 sedan 1.9TDI PD130 AVF quattro and I would like to upgrade to GTB2260VK from 3.0TDI. I plan to upgrade to FMIC, Firad 80 injectors, race camshaft, performance dualmass and clutch, 70mm exhaust. The car is a daily driver and my tuning company told me to aim for...
  7. T

    Help Please 3.0 TDI Fuel Pump

    Hello all, I have a Audi A4 CAPA 3.0 TDI with a CP1H HPFP. For a few months I've been having a small leak on top of the high pressure fuel pump which appears to be coming from the cylinder head. Now I've replaced seals, fuel lines, washers to no avail. I now believe the pump must be cracked...
  8. mark van der werff

    Just bought this beauty

  9. kitbennett

    A4 3.0L TDI Avant Quattro Subtle Affordable Upgrades

    So my 2005 B7 Avant has clocked onto 126k this week. And I'll take that as an excuse to treat it to a few fresh parts. First part - Oil & Filter - 8.2L of Castrol Edge Long Life 5W-30 - (£70 for Oil) Air Filter - Bosch - £10 Front Suspension Link Set - (£240) Rear Shocks - Bilstein B4 - (Rear...
  10. C

    Audi A6 2008 3.0TDi ASB mod/upgrade/power increase??

    Hey there, saw many interesting posts here and im just curious. I have Audi A6 with 3.0TDi ASB engine, quattro, with 6-speed tiptronic 6HP19A I want to increase power, to be just nice daily car with enough power to speed up shortly on highway sometimes. My actual tune is around 305BHP on...
  11. T

    B8 3.0TDi stock boost psi?

    Does anyone know the stock boost pressure for the 3.0TDi (CAPA)? I am trying to figure out if my car has been mapped. I have done some logs and have seen readings as follows (24psi peaks). Many thanks!
  12. L

    Knock knock knock?!! Front end knock

    Hello everyone. This is my first post I have a 2013 A6 3.0tdi Quattro, love it! However it’s developed a really faint knock from the front drivers side. It happens mostly over slight road imperfections/grids rather than over speed bumps. I’ve just had brand new genuine Audi pads, discs and...
  13. T

    Swirl Flap Failure, has the worst ever happened?

    We all know the swirl flaps can cause problems because the links get worn and the servo cant initialise within the correct limits, which most people repair by simply replacing the links (I opted for another approach of a bit of copper wire for one side and a small metal plate for the other). But...
  14. Slice636

    3.0tdi hybrid tuning?

    Hi, I’ve currently got a 3.0tdi running 324 bhp & 550ftlb but I’ve got vibration issues from accelerating from low revs It’s had a new clutch and flywheel fitted but it still there and I know they can handle bags of torque so I’m wondering if it could be the turbo surging? As it stops around...
  15. AudiTom

    Cant find many A5 3.0 tdi's with a manual gearbox

    Hey is it me or is there far less manual a5 3.0 made after 2012. I fancy a upgrade but i want a manual, thing is the autos sell for 10k-13k and the manuals start at 15k lol cannot justify it. would i be better keeping my old a5 3.0 and face-lifting it? i was told the whole job would cost me...
  16. thisismike

    Retrofit active exhaust to A7 3.0TDi (not biTDi)

    Hi - has anyone retrofitted the active exhaust system to the standard A3 3.0TDi? My Audi A7 3.0TDi SE has the replica RS7 body kit fitted, but the quiet sound of the standard TDi engine gives the game away :) Has anyone done this, and if so, where can I get one from?
  17. razputin

    214 or 272bhp?

    Deciding to get rid of my A4 and get an A7 as I've always wanted one. A decent 3.0tfsi would be ideal but few about for around £25k so probably go for a 3 0tdi. As I love my toys there seems to be more 215bhp models with higher specs and in the black edition than there are 272bhp models with...
  18. myfirstaudi

    Hybrid Turbo / Turbo Upgrade

    Hi everyone, first off, sorry if this has been discussed already (which I'm sure it has). I've used the search function but cannot find what I'm looking for. I want to upgrade my turbo with either a hybrid turbo or a larger turbo. I don't know which route to go down regarding performance and...
  19. Aqualea90

    2010 3.0 TDI S-Tronic Allroad

    Hi Guys, Had an S3 about 2 years ago and sold it due to needing a bigger car. I have a 535d at the minute and the gearbox is on its way out and I want to get rid of it before its too late! I am going to see a 2010 Allroad 3.0TDI S-Tronic this week. It has 125k. Mileage doesn't really worry...
  20. Waflgaz

    Sport/Performance Exhaust suggestions 3.0tdi Quattro?

    Hi All, Looking for suggestions for a sport/performance exhaust system for A6 3.0tdi Quattro Avant. Nothing stupid loud as on a normal day I leave for work around 05:15 and dont want the hassle of Pi$$ed off neighbours. With that said....I could really benefit from a valvetronic system of some...