1. C

    Wanted B8/B8.5 s4 BCS Backboxes

    Please contact me if you are willing to ship to Canada, I will pay the delivery fee.
  2. mr_pepps

    A4 (B6 AVK) 3.0 petrol inlet manifold/thermostat

    Hi, I was trying to change my thermostat today but couldn't get decent access. Before I gave up becuase it was just too wet and cold to carry on, I think I may have broken the bit shown in the photographs. Does anyone know what this is, what it does and can it be replaced. Currently my car is...
  3. pelhamsdetailing

    G448 Sensor: constantly 222*C, plugged in or not

    As the title says, my G448 sensor reading on my app says it is 222*c all the time, whether the new sensor is plugged in or not. I checked the wiring going into the ECU and it's like new, with no evidence of water damage or tampering. This tells me that somewhere along the wiring for the sensor...
  4. wilco184

    SQ5 3.0 TDI Coolant Temp

    Hi, For cars with the 3.0 TDI engine, what does your coolant temperature gauge display when the ambient air temperature is 15 Deg C or above? I have an issue where below 15 Deg C, the coolant temp gauge sits at 90 and is steady which is fine, but at 15 or above, the gauge fluctuates down to 75...
  5. T

    HELP! CAPA V6 3.0tdi DPF Sensor Question....

    Hi, sorry i'm having a bit of a senior moment! Can someone enlighten me if the smaller pipe on the DPF sensor is supposed to be connected to anything (other than a short bit of tube that goes nowhere, as shown in picture)? I thought it was just a free air open pipe, but now i'm wondering if...
  6. 5

    2019 A8 50 3.0 V6 TDI remap in scotland?

    Has anyone had the 50 3.0 v6 tdi remapped? Im looking to get it done but struggling to find a place that does it at the moment.
  7. A

    Ticking / hissing in engine bay + smell of fumes in cabin

    After trying to pinpoint the source of a ticking / hissing noise from the top right of my A6 C7 3.0TDI + slight smell of fumes in the cabin at points, I decided to remove the injector seals today. 6 copper seals + o-rings bought from Germany (was around 1/4 of the price of Audi) and fitting...
  8. A

    A6 C7 3.0 TDI Valve Cover Seals Leak

    Hi All, I noticed I slight hissing from my engine bay at idle and, upon having a look today, have found that both sides appear to be leaking oil at what looks like the value covers. Can anyone confirm if this is a usual problem on this car and how easy it is to sort? The hissing appears...
  9. GazWeavs

    Which CRTD2 chip box?

    Hi all, I'm seriously thinking of adding a plug and play chip box to my A7 and know the A6 & 7 share engines so wanted to gauge opinions on 2 specifically - I've narrowed it down to either the RaceChip RS @£349 or TDI tunings box at £296? They appear to offer similar gains in power and economy...
  10. K

    RPM fluctuation while driving at certain speed

    While driving around at range from 60 to 80 kilometer per hour the rpm jerks or fluctuation a lot. Feels like car want's to go ahead, but something is holding it back a little. Once you get over 85 works great. Doesn't matter if the car is warm or cold. This is how it kind of feels, but only...
  11. shash_128

    Fault codes, please help! P0345, P0346, P0365, P0011, P0014, P0021, P0300

    Audi A4 B6 3.0 petrol quattro. For a while now my car has been misfiring, loss of power and stuttering... A mechanic checked the timing and it was fine (done the timing belt only 2 years ago), I've replaced the coil packs and spark plugs but still getting these engine error codes.. Anyone know...
  12. T

    EGR Valve question, able to clean without draining coolant?

    My EGR valve has been putting the car into limp mode, so for the last year or so I have just unplugged it and although the MIL is on, the car isn't in limp mode anymore. Its a B8 3.0tdi (CAPA) engine. I would assume it needs cleaning, but looking at the procedure, it says the coolant need to be...
  13. Adomas G

    Potential A5 buyer- few questions.

    Hello all! I am a current 2006 A3 2.0 TDi owner and am looking to upgrade to something sportier and quicker in the near future. While my choice was between C6 A6 Avant and A5 coupe, I chose A5- it looks inarguably sportier, plus there will always be a time for Avant once I have a family It's...
  14. philt90

    AUDI S4 Wheel Choice

    Morning I am looking at purchasing so A5 Rotor Wheels they are 19 x 9 et33. My wheels now are 19 x 8.5 et43 so these would sit 10mm further out which is the standard spacer most people use. does anyone know if these would rub running 255 35 19 tyres on standard suspension ??
  15. R

    A4 3.0 tdi gearboxes - manuals

    Hey guys I'm new here and been looking to get my first Audi. I've decided on a manual 3.0 tdi after seeing some of the build threads on here as it seems like a great engine and can't wait to achieve those amazing torque figures! However I've noticed that there are no manuals between about 2011...
  16. Aisgeir

    3.0 Tdi Mystery Fault

    Hello I have a 58 plate 3.0 Tdi that has just turned 57k The other Day it stopped. And that's it, it starts for about 2 seconds takes no throttle and shuts down again. OBD only showed 1 fault briefly on the EGR. Starting the engine several times trying to get it to run long enough to gather...
  17. D

    Did I do bad?

    Hi all, A few months ago I purchased an A5 Sportback, 3.0 V6 with 7speed S-Tronic. The car was registered September 2012. It had 90k on it (high I know) but I thought I'd done my research right, it had new clutch and flywheel, gearbox oil done, servicing all done etc. Now I think I read there...
  18. Dave Vaughan

    Hello from sunny Devon

    Hi everyone, I've been looking for a newer estate for ages now and picked up an A6 Allroad on Wednesday. This will be my second Audi, the first being a A4 1.8T a few years back. As far as I can make out, apart from not having electric movement in the seats, this Allroad has every extra offered...
  19. shash_128

    3.0 v6 oil leak help?

    Hi I have an oil leak which looks like it's coming from that metal pipe which has a big rubber pipe in the middle of it. Does it need replacing? What part is it? Has the rubber pipe simply slipped out of place? I have a 2001 Audi A4 b6 3.0L v6 petrol.. Please help