3.0 tfsi

  1. S3_Mitch

    Sold Audi S4 Avant, B8 2009, Highly cherished example, MRC Stg 2, £10k spent

    The time has come to sell my pride and joy... One of a kind Audi S4 Avant in stunning Sprint Blue pearl effect, this is a truly great example of a B8 S4. In the two and a half years I have owned this car I have spent a little under £10k on upgrades in an effort to make this car the best it can...
  2. Steven Teixeira

    Gearbox, nothing happening

    Hi there, new member here. I recently bought this 2011B8S4 with a engine problem, none runner, standing for 8 months, i never drove the car, had bearings replaced, according to the previous owner it was driving fine. Problem is there is no gears what so ever, there is also no codes for the...
  3. Slice636

    I need an Audi genius!!!!!

    Hi everyone, My car has been misfiring on start ups for a few weeks now, it will only misfire from ‘warm’ not hot/cold It will only missfire when you hit the start button straight away. If you turn on the ignition first it won’t misfire? The missfire disappears after the elevated revs have...
  4. Slice636

    S5 3.0tfsi opinions?

    Since my A5 3.0tdi is going to be written off, Im currently looking to get an Audi s5 b8.5. I’m just wondering what people get mpg wise? I’m used to 28 mpg and 44 on a motorway, I know they’re not a car you’d buy for mpg but I’d like to know before hand of real world, so any feedback would be...