1. Adomas G

    Potential A5 buyer- few questions.

    Hello all! I am a current 2006 A3 2.0 TDi owner and am looking to upgrade to something sportier and quicker in the near future. While my choice was between C6 A6 Avant and A5 coupe, I chose A5- it looks inarguably sportier, plus there will always be a time for Avant once I have a family It's...
  2. Buxton2901

    gearbox slippage maybe!!!!!

    Hi guys. As many of you know I have a 2.7tdi avant multitronic which I'm having issues with the gearbox ATM. Basically when cold the engine revs up over 2000 before the car moves and seems very sluggish until the engine is at temp then it's alot better. Also getting feedback and vibration...