1. H

    Retrofit Matrix LED headlights to my new Audi A3 8Y

    I have recently picked up my new Audi A3 S-line 8Y in Navarra Blue. The car has the LED headlights fitted but I would like to switch these for the upgraded Matrix LED headlights. Does anyone have any knowledge/information around whether it is possible to retrofit these Matrix LED headlights?
  2. R

    S3 8Y front park aid sensors

    Hi, I’ve got a s3 8y saloon but it didn’t come with front park aid sensors. I was just wondering if anyone has been able to fit genuine sensors to the vehicle and programmed it to work. Is it possible to do that? If so what will I need to do it and how hard is it to do? I do have rear sensors...
  3. A

    SQ5 Geniune Audi retrofit towbar need assistance locating installation

    Hi All l am wondering if anyone can assist. I have a 2021 sq5 wanting to install a genuine retrofit fully integrated towbar like the one in this youtube video however l have been told by audi dealer here in Melbourne Australia they dont do this. Does anyone know here if it is possible? And...
  4. Hash


    I’ve recently noticed my right hand side mirror on the a3 makes a squeaking noise when unlocking and locking as the mirrors are folding in. Has anyone else had this issue.
  5. Hash

    A3 8Y Edition 1 (lighting,

    Hi guys I’m new here, I’ve recently got a a3 8y edition 1 well it’s been couple month now but just discovered this website ☺️ Anyone know if the ambient lighting can be turned on during as mine only come on in evening? Also Has anyone had luck with coding as I’m wanting lock the car whilst...
  6. L

    SQ5 SQ5 2021 Suspension

    Looking at ordering a new 2021 SQ5. It comes with S sport suspension with adaptive damper control. Has anyone had experience with this suspension? Also is it comfortable when in comfort mode on drive select.
  7. K

    New 2021 A6

    Just picked up my 2021 A6 in Mythos Black. I had actually ordered a 2020 back in February that was supposed to be delivered around the end of May, but then Covid hit and the order was changed to a 2021. Finally got it on September 25th. My last car was a 1999 Passat, so this is quite the...
  8. Persian

    ULEZ ... Need a new (used) car?

    I’ve recently sold my 520D and now looking for a new (used) Audi… At the moment, I’m driving my girlfriends 8P3 09 140 TDI (Stage 1) to work which does about 48-55mpg. I do 50 miles daily from London to Hertfordshire. Now as I only do between 9k-10k miles a year, I’m thinking petrol for the...