1. J

    2014 Audi S3 8V strange noise after turning car off

    Hi, I’m not sure if this is normal but I can’t remember hearing it before but when I got home the other day I parked up and turned the car off and as I walked away I could hear this noise coming from the front of the car. It only happens for about 20-30 seconds and then stops. Anyone else had...
  2. C

    MMI upgrade

    Hello all, I’ve got a 2014 plate and not sure what sort of infotainment system it’s got but I’ve been interested in upgrading it, I’ve looked through a few threads on here and can’t get my head round it, I would prefer to do it myself as most company’s I’ve ask and they’re looking at 1500+ Im...
  3. Christian Espinosa

    Does 5 Door S3 8v Diffuser fits 3 Door?

    Im Currently on search for some carbon fiber diff for my S3 hatchback, I have only found Sportback options on AliExpress, Is it going to fit mine?
  4. Virusderp

    S3 2014 Rear wiper motor failed, best replacement?

    Good afternoon all, Just had my rear motor fail and is now stuck in the middle of the window, looking around for replacements called audi on a spur and they wanted 150quid thought that was a bit steep for a clean rear window now and then. Just wondering theres tons of others out there on the...
  5. Jackapple90

    2014 S3 DSG - Gearbox Issue. 62,000 Miles.

    Hi all, I've got the problem with my S3 that there is a "whine" at higher RPM and in gear changes, most pronounced between 4th and 5th. After a lengthy battle with Audi they are saying the car needs a new DSG box at an estimated cost of £7-8k? They will not give me the exact gearbox fault as...
  6. Ozzyy

    2.0 tdi 8v air intake/induction kit

    Hello, New to this site but was wondering if anyone could recommend any air intake/induction kits? Not a massive petrol head... yet Cheers
  7. K4MR4N

    2014 Audi A3 S Line 3dr 1.4 TFSI 150 CoD - Manual

    Hello everyone, first post here, anyone got this exact car? Can you give me overall Positives and Negatives of this car please and what is fuel economy like. I may get this car coming from a 2013 Astra Elite. Thanks..