1. M

    2013 Audi A4 2.0T automatic 66,000 miles HELP!!!! Transmission?

    Hello all, I am a first time Audi owner, loved my A4 until today. I put my foot on the brake and put the transmission into reverse, the dash has no warning messages, the car says it is in reverse. I apply gas and the car does not reverse it is like it is delayed apply more gas, hear a loud...
  2. C

    Problem with 2013 A3 TDI 2L alarm

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this site but am desperate for help if anyone has experienced this problem before with their Audi, I would be very grateful. Over the last week, my Audi A3 alarm will not stop going off when it is at my home address. It is fine for about four hours after I get home...
  3. ksbezz

    Audi a3 8v (tail light upgrade from halogen to PFL led)

    Hey. I could use some help and som guideance. I want to upgrade my tail lights, on my audi a3 8v from 2014 sedan. I have halogen now, and i like the PFL led tail light (not with dynamic) Does anyone have a guide or a link for some cables or a diagram DIY? And does it need to be coded afterwards...
  4. A

    Folding Mirrors Problem - A6

    Hi all, I’ve just registered and I found this site helpful multiple times. I’ve recently bought an Audi A6 SE TDI year 2013(end of the year). I have a problem with the mirrors which is I cannot fold them. I have tried looking in the menu after I have seen some tutorials on the internet but it...
  5. LukeAlexander

    First time Audi Owner

    I’m going to pick up my Audi S3 63 plate on Saturday, changing from a Mercedes CLA Sport. Anything I need to know about an S3 as this will be my first Audi and first performance car. Anything I need to look out for? Thanks Luke
  6. A

    Audi A3 2.0 TDI Shaking & Fuel Rail Pressure Too Low Problem!

    To start off I will break things down with the history of problems with my 2013 Audi A3 8V Sportback 2.0 TDI. - The issues first started to occur when my car randomly started to struggle to start and the engine would shudder and shake when attempting to start up for about 5 seconds. The car...
  7. tele2050

    Front Passenger Side Window Noise/Squeak

    Good Afternoon to everyone :salute: Lately my front passenger side windows makes a weird squeaky noise every time when closing, no sound when opening. anyone else who has experienced this or any advise on how to fix this please. Last few days i have noticed it to be louder, also i noted that...
  8. A


    Hey guys got a Audi a3 1.8tfsi 62 plate but recognised online as the 2013 model for parts, s3 cat back exhaust and mapped running 240bhp currently have a K & N panel filter but want a full induction kit now but can't seem to find any that actually are specifically for my car... anybody fitted...
  9. AudiTom

    A5 2008 to FaceLift rs look?

    Hey, Members of the alpha race. I just got my A5 3.0TDI before I bought this car I intended to do a facelift conversion I have scoward the internet for information on how to go about FL rs looking it I mean im doing the backend after, this seems easier than the front so I was looking at using...