1. D

    For Sale Audi a3 front grill and fog light grills

    Taken off an audi a3 2010 sline excellent condition no broken clips etc email djt030978@gmail.com for to make an offer
  2. T

    Oil leak and DPF

    Can an engine oil leak be associated with DPF problems as I’ve had my A3 2.0 DPF regen done at Halfords and the DPF light came on 2 days after the treatment and they also mentioned I’ve got an engine oil leak is that what could be giving me DPF problems?
  3. timbabz

    2010 A3 Technik aux in iPod issues

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the aux input on an Audi A3 Sportback technik. It’s the version where the aux is located by the handbrake under a small cap. I have a concert 2+ double din with Bose and single CD. No sat nav etc. I have tried a couple of 2015 iPod...
  4. S

    Audi A4 2010 judder rattle low temps

    Hi all, Bought an Audi A4 Avant 2010 Multitronic 2.0l about 4 months ago and started having some issues with it. It has 130,000 miles. From cold it judders when moving off, has low power (until around 2000rpm) and awful rattle/grinding sound when pressing on the gas (up to around 1500 revs)...
  5. NoGGy

    Dyno Run - Lost my old map! :(

    Hi All, I ran my car on a dyno a couple of days ago and was presented with some pretty interesting results. I am pretty annoyed, but also curious as to what I can do about it (if anything). I have an Audi A3 (2010) 2.0 TDI - 170bhp, which I had remapped around 2 years ago with Viezu tuning...
  6. Don Mundo

    Audi B8 2.0 tdi CAGA coolant temp problems

    Hey. I'm having some major problem with my car,bought it second hand, came winter and as soon as ambient temperature dropped below +5°c I noticed that my cars engine doesn't want to heat up properly. Needless to say that it happened also after an Audi recall remapping. At first thought that it's...
  7. Fanboy

    Is this Audi A6 2.0 TDI S Line Special Edition worth it? 40k Mileage Reg. 2010 White, CAT D £8k

    Hi guys and hope you all had a wonderful weekend :) As the title suggests I like to know what do you guys think about this stunning looking Audi A6 or not really? The link is here...
  8. edgarmiknius

    Audi a5 2.0 tdi still blue smoke after changng turbo, what to do ?

    i heard from service that my car need to change turbo, since it was leaking some oil. i bought brand new turbo, and replaced it. the thing is, i only changed turbo, no oil lines to turbo, or something else, also havent cleaned anything but just egr. i know that its not exhaust that couses smoke...
  9. D

    Audi a3 se sportback 2010 subwoofer inflation

    Hoi, I'm trying to thread the wire from the front to the back of the car but can't remove the footwell can anyone help me through this?? Thanks
  10. Ringway

    A4 B8 2010 Front bumper with no pdc.

    Hi, good folks on here, I am looking to replace my front bumper which is damaged and will cost alot to have it repaired. I have looked on fleebay but not come across any good used one, the ones I have come across look neat infront but have their back clips broken. Any reasonable good price I...
  11. L

    Audi s3 hpfp advice/help

    Hello, I've recently bought a s3, it came with a militek cat back and induction kit only according to the garage, but it's turned out to have a rear anti roll bar, front anti roll bar, uprated drilled and grooved brakes too.. Basically I took it to get remapped on Saturday and the tuner said...