20" alloy wheels

  1. P

    Help Please Advice needed on Lowering 2.0 S-Line

    Okay to give as much background as possible, I currently own a 2012 facelift B8.5 FWD S-line. I recently purchased a set of 20” TTRS/Rotor alloys 9J wide. They are running 255 35 Zr 20 tyres and the car is running on standard suspension. I’m looking to give the car a lower look without...
  2. TheBlackScarface

    Threesome (2 girls 1 boy).

    Hi guys, I want to buy some new 20" wheels on Tuesday but I'm not sure if they will fit. My car is a 2012 A5 S-line cabriolet, the new alloy wheels offset is 37 but I've been told my car will only allow an offset of up to 35 is that correct? I'm also a little confused about tire sizes...