1.9 tdi

  1. M

    12v socket is always on

    Hello everyone, can someone help me how can i make my 12v socket turn on just when the ignition is on because currently it stays on constantly.
  2. PK77


    Hi, can anyone tell me if this is correct. I have an A4 2.0 TDI 140bhp cabriolet and a A4 avant 1.9 TDI 103bhp and both engines look the same and the layout of everything under the bonnet is identical. Is this correct or has someone pat a 1.9tdi in my convertible? Cheers
  3. LEOopasni2709

    I need help with A3 8L 1996 new rims and tires setup.

    Hello everyone, I am going to put Vogtland suspension kit and new rims on my A3 8L 90hp 1.9TDI. I currently run 195/65/15 tire with 15" 6J which will now become my winter set. I found some rims already and I am thinking between 17" 7.5J or 17" 8J. On 7.5J I would go with 215/45/17 tires, and...
  4. Tomislav Nikolovski

    Audi A3 8p 1.9 tdi FMIC

    Hey guys i was wondering if anyone have installed FMIC on A3 8p 1.9 tdi and how is it done because i asked darkside and they said i have to remove the A/C, so is there another way to keep the AC and install FMIC, btw the car has stage 2 remap that’s why i wanna do FMIC. Thanks
  5. MrSaetervik

    1.9TDI - Upgraded Engine Mounts?

    As there are very little to no upgraded parts for the 1.9TDI out and about I must ask you guys. Does upgraded engine mounts for this engine even exist? If so, where?
  6. S

    2.0tdi to 1.9tdi swap

    Hi everyone, any B7 gurus out there? I have a B7 avant 2.0tdi (BLB)with oil pump failure, pretty sure it's toast. I also have a b6 1.9 tdi(AWX) and I'd like to fit this to the avant. Any ideas on what the best way to proceed with this? Will I have to change engine / loom/ clocks and if I do will...
  7. Isaacnewton

    Replace headunit Audi A4 1998

    Hey, I've got an Audi A4 B5 1998 1,9 Tdi with an original bose sound system (amplified). I've bought a new headunit to replace the original one (Audi Concert) and a adapter to convert the cables so it works with the Bose soundsystem. After I've installed it the speakers make a pop sound when i...
  8. Denispearl

    ECU refurbish where ? How ? Cheapest

    Hi guys. My ECU unit started playing up. Wasn't able tostart the engine last week, then Had ECu flashed. This helped for a few days, but the issue has returned. Something engine starts and cuts off, sometimes starts, but esp and coil dash lights are flashing. Basically need to get it fixed...
  9. J

    Looking for a decent sounding exhaust for a3 1.9 tdi 2009

    As the title says I’m looking for a new exhaust system that sounds better than just the stock exhaust that’s currently on.
  10. Kayobong

    Audi A3 1.9 TDIe (2009) - EGR Delete worth it?

    So I've been planning on getting a remap for a while now, however I was wondering what the benefits of removing the EGR were, and if it's worth doing along side a remap. Thanks
  11. O

    Reverse light fuse blowing

    Hi guys, Was driving about the other day and a mate mentioned my reverse light was out. After checking and replacing the bulb and testing the switch I found a 15 amp fuse in a 5 amp fuse spot that had blown. Put in a new fuse and it blew as soon as I turned on the ignition, I'm thinking...
  12. B

    Lack of turbo after I go through water

    Hi, I have an Audi A4, B6 from 2001 1.9 TDI 130 bhp, the motor code is AWX ( will confirm when I get home ) So I have a small oil leak ( will go to a service on thursday) and when I go over small puddles if I get some water splashed under the car the turbo won't enter anymore for like 1h ( I...
  13. Kyle Rushton

    Audi A3 1.9 TDI Backbox Delete

    Hi guys, Interested in getting a backbox delete on my 2007 Audi A3 1.9 TDI however most of the videos online comparing the sound aren't the best and therefore i was wondering if anyone on the forum has this mod/video they can share? Any help appreciated! Cheers.
  14. undark

    REAR lower track control bolts and bushes..

    Hi all, my garage can't seem to get hold of the correct bolts and bushes to fix my rear track control arms. Rather than replace the arms he said it would be cheaper... I'm not sure exactly what/how he's going to do the job, but I said I'd find the bolts and bushes. Polybushes a better idea too...
  15. A

    1.9TDi strange engine noise.

    Hi, couldn't find any threads with a similar issue. Have a b7 a4 Avant 1.9tdi. Basically getting a loud whine/squeal that occurs only when changing down and releasing the clutch. Just when the engine is coming under load. New clutch and dmf fitted last summer and car has only driven 1000 miles...
  16. Craig hopkins

    Weird windscreen wiper problem.

    Hi guys, Have a really weird issue where my windscreen wipers won't work unless headlights are on or if I've been driving for a few minutes. Also the rear wiper just seems to do like a half wipe here and there and doesn't reset to its off position out of the way every time I turn them off...