1. H

    Wanted Wanted aftermarket 19" alloys wheels 8.5j/9j ET 43 or below..

    Hi, as per the title, ideally some light weight wheels!! drop me a PM or message in the thread Many thanks
  2. KingJMLE

    For Sale 19" OEM AUDI ROTOR WHEELS. £650

    Hi all, I've recently replaced my rotors with some aftermarket alloys, hence the sale. They've come from my Audi A4 S Line Avant BE, I think they're roughly ET45 - ET47. Good condition, some slight curbing which should be easily fixed. Wheels: AUDI ROTOR OEM Colour: Black Tyres: Front two...
  3. R

    Help Please 19" 10j et42 will they fit??

    Hi, Currently looking at radi8 r8b12 wheels. Specs: 19" 10j et42 with 245/35/19 tyres. My car is a 2014 Audi a4 technik Will those wheels fit on my Audi with those tyres without rubbing? The car is lowered on Pro Sport coilovers (about 50-60mm) Any pics or opinions appreciated. Would be...
  4. J

    Spacer Help

    Hi guys and girls new to the forum, hope you're all well. I have a b9 S4 and would like to put some spacers on it to make it look more aggressive has anyone put spacers on theirs? if so what mm and brand are you using? I have the 19" inch wheels like the ones in the picture. Any help would be...
  5. D

    Oz Ultraleggera

    Hello guys, I need help! I’m to purchase a set of Ultraleggeras in 19” for my S3 8V but... I can’t decide the color. Matt or gloss black?? Thank you!! :)
  6. D

    Help! S3 new shoes...

    Hi everyone! I want to replace my OEM 18” wheels on my S3 Sportback and the ones that I love are the OZ Ultraleggeras. I think the best configuration for me is 19x8,5j but... I don’t know which ET I have to choose... 47? 38? I don’t want to use spacers, so taking the 47 and then not enough? Or...
  7. S

    Facelift 18" - Mag Ride height?

    Hi, I'm currently configuring a facelift S3 sportback and need a little advice regarding 18" alloys and mag ride. Firstly, will mag ride be beneficial on 18" wheels? I can see mag ride is mandatory on 19" wheels but not 18". Secondly, from doing a little research it seems the ride height is...
  8. L

    2017 Black Edition 18" to 19" Alloys

    Hi all I'm taking delivery of a new 67 plate S3 Black Edition Sportback tomorrow after a 3 month wait. I didn't spec the OEM 19" alloys when ordering, but I did note that when you ticked the box on the configurator it would only let you have the 19" along with the mag ride. My question is, if...
  9. jonisginger

    4 new tyres = - 15% economy?

    Hi All, This looked like the best place to put this: looking for either advice or to put mind at rest. Replaced the standard Continental Contact Sport's the other day with 4x Goodyear Eagle F1s. They are 235/35/19s. The Continentals had about 2-3mm tread all round and it's getting cold and...