18 inch

  1. J

    For Sale Satin Black 18 inch winter alloys - 245/40/18W Bridgestone LM005 - B8/B9 A4/A5 or S4/S5

    I have a full set of four winter alloys for sale. They were purchased last October, professionally stripped and powder coated in Satin Black and have seen one winters use. They come with the original silver centre caps. I swapped my B9 19 inch V spoke black centre caps on without issue...
  2. Kr92_cars

    Sold 18 inch Rotor Alloys & Tyres x4

    GENUINE Rotor alloys! Two wheels have Michelin PS4’s on and other two just budget ones. Tyres are basically brand new been on for about 2 months. Genuine Audi Rotor Alloys 225/40/R18 £650 for all 4 ono. COLLECTION ONLY https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233653768751
  3. arobson90

    Wanted Wheels 18's or 19's (I can't decide)

    Looking for a set of 18 or 19 inch wheels for my A4 B8. Whats about?