1. T

    Potential performance gains?

    Hi everyone Noob here, so I've recently bought an A3 8P 2009 as my first car it has a 1.6L 4 cylinder petrol producing 102BHP , engine code AVU. My question is would it be worth putting money into the car for performance gains or am i just too limited by the hardware due to no turbo for anything...
  2. P

    Buying a used Audi A3 2005

    Ok I've found a private seller that's listed a 1.6 A3 2005 and wants £1400, I'd test drive to see if its faster than my 1.2 Corsa lol. I have some pictures below, 103000 miles interior looks about right. I would scan for codes and do an inspection before test driving of course. MOT advisories...
  3. ZIPPY2019

    70K AUDI A3 1.6 2009

    2009 AUDI A3 1.6 SPORTPACK 8P I've just hit 70k miles and was wondering if there any parts that I should check or replace that are not part of normal servicing? THANK YOU :)
  4. D

    A3 Ecu

    Hi I recently bought a 1.6 petrol non turbo 8p a3. However, I was unaware at the time that the car has been remapped very badly. The map is causing my emissions and engine management lights to show (they were taped over when I bought it) and is also making the car very uneconomical. I have...
  5. adam williams

    Audi chorus aux

    I'm having trouble finding a way to put aux cable on to my audi a3 1.6L. I tried connect2 and unable to find the right one to fit my car and radio. i found this eBay cable but don't know if it works if anyone has anything to help with please say. even up for getting a new radio if not super...
  6. D

    misfire cylinder 2 - cant diagnose

    getting a misfire on cylinder 2 according to the last garage I took my car into (been to see 2 now), only they can not tell me what is causing it. Car has no MIL/fault lights on. I have recently changed spark plugs, spark plug leads and the coil pack. So I am not sure where to start on next as...
  7. M

    Bought an A3 :D Need to do away with the Chorus 'cassette only' unit

    Ok, first post, hello to everyone first off! There's so much useful info on here, knowledgable people and a lot of lovely motors. So I got this A3. It's a 2006 plate, 1.6 SE model. It's actually my first car :witless: Probably not the best 'first car' to get, fairly more than I thought I'd...
  8. Vampy11

    1.6 TDI Remap - Info needed!

    Hi all, Has anyone on here had a 1.6 TDI remapped? I'm looking into it but I can't seem to find much information from anyone that's had it done... Has anyone had the remap on this particular engine, and if so, is it worth the money? How long have you had it? Have you had any problems with...
  9. L

    1.6 Engine issues

    Hi, I've got a '97 A3 8l 1.6 which recently got an issue where it would drop a couple of RPM's while running warm. It would mid-drive drop rpm and shock. When warm it would also stall when running idle. Reading it out with vcds it gave me a G28 sensor issue. So I bought a no-brand sensor off...
  10. Vampy11

    1.6 tdi Problem

    Hi, I own a 1.6 tdi Sport A3. It's a 2011 plate and only done 45000 miles. Over the last month or so I've been having some issues with the engine that seem like they point towards a problem with the DPF but so far I've had no warning light for both that or the engine. Here is the problem: I...