1. MuzzyT

    A3 2.0 TFSi Engine thoughts?

    Hi all, I'm in the process of waiting to pick up an A3 2.0 TFSI 2018 S line in daytona grey pearl. The unfortunate thing is that due to covid, test drives are not allowed from all dealers atm. The car I am waiting to pick up is 150 miles away and there are hardly any 2.0TFSi's on the market...
  2. PaddyMcpadington

    1.4Tfsi MQ200 Clutch Upgrade

    Hey Everyone, As pretty much what is said in the title, is there an option to get an uprated clutch or upgrade path in general which would give it more strength for the MQ200 Clutch. I know its the 1.4TFSI Engine however the APR remap means its running more torque than currently rated for...
  3. R

    Avant 1.4

    Hi All, I'm looking to get my first Audi and wondered has anyone had any experience with the ' 16 Avant 1.4 TFSI (150) Sport? There doesn't seem to be a lot of info on them in comparison to the other engine sizes and wondering if a 1.4 engine is worth looking into for a estate style body? Any...
  4. V6_Man

    Help Needed! Front Suspension creaking noise

    Folks, I recently bought an A3 8v 1.4 tfsi (2014) and within first couple of days started noticing creaking sound coming from front suspension. It is more on the driver side then on the passenger however, it does come from both sides. You can only hear it at low speeds (between 0-15mph) and...
  5. Lambman420

    1.4tfsi misfire under hard acceleration

    hi all, Been struggling with a misfire for a little while, happens under hard accleration and either just before or just on the boost. Has had new cam lobe & new plugs. Also when it misfire fires get a pop trough the exhaust, indicates to me mixture to lean? Has open air filter and cat...
  6. Y

    Audi A3/8V 1.4TFSI S-Line

    I've got a 1.4tfsi 123bhp, just a stepping stone to get my insurance down before i get an S3 in a couple years time because as you know the insurance at 20 years old isn't the cheapest.. especially with no NCD, i have been quoted 173bhp and 180bhp form two separate tuners on a remap however this...
  7. R

    AMI Question for an Audi Newbie

    I'm about to buy one of these two specimens and could do with a couple answers: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201705245770071?logcode=visc&fromSA=true http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201708188456448?logcode=visc&fromSA=true They both come with AMI and I can't...
  8. H

    front mount intercooler upgrade

    Hi all, Has anyone managed to upgrade to a fmic on the 122ps 1.4tfsi? taking mine to be mapped and thinking about fitting an intercooler before along with decat as it is a live map so could go straight to stage 2.
  9. J

    Audi A1 1.4 tfsi 2010 rough start

    Audi a1 hard to start and noisy start up in morning. Fitted new plugs, checked compression, changed oil and filter, has anyone had/solved this problem before? Thanks in advance.
  10. H

    Anyone know what size intercooler i can go to for stage 1??

    Want to get an upgraded intercooler before I get a custom map on Saturday. Anyone know what size/dimensions I should go t for 1.4tfsi A3 2014??
  11. H


    Need to find an upgraded intercooler asap as I'm getting a custom map on Saturday and want an intercooler upgrade before I do this. Can anyone tell me what size intercooler I can go to on a 2014 1.4tfsi A3? Thanks in advance
  12. Harvey Atkinson

    Any help on Induction kits for 2013 Audi A3 8V 1.4 TFSI Induction kit?

    Hi guys, want to put a induction kit on my 1.4 TFSI A3 8v, having trouble finding a anything which would fit ( photo added of my engine bay for you to see the air Box location under the bonnet) Any help would do thanks
  13. W33 KEO

    A3 8P 1.4T induction kit

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has bought an induction kit for the 1.4T a3, been trying to find one for a while now on and off and can't seem to find one?
  14. AlexT

    1.4 tfsi vs 1.4tsi power differences

    I recently bought a A3 1.4tfsi, I've been reading up on some things and was wondering why it is so much down on power compared to the 1.4tsi in the VW's, I had a quote for a remap from 125 to 155 which seems a little low considering the 1.4tsi comes in a 170bhp model stock. So I was wondering...